Author: Rod Eccles

The Great American Snowflake Meltdown

By; Rod Eccles In the Spring of the year, here in New England and all over the northern USA, snow melts in preparation for warmer months.  The warmer months is when just about everyone shakes off the sleep of winter and welcomes the warmth of the life-giving sun.  And that is the way it has been for eons. But there is a change.  Yes, there is a shift in the air.  Not a change in climate.  But a change as to when and how snowflakes meltdown. Usually, snowflakes melt down into the life-giving water.  But now they melt down...

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Syrian Refugees, Are We Committing Suicide

There is a great amount of rhetoric floating around over the Syrian Refugees due to the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. The questions being asked are should the United States take them in?  Should we block them?  Should we pay to keep them where they currently are?  Should we make sure our European allies keep taking them in? The people of the nations of Europe already knew the trouble that they were in because they understood the danger that was around them. German citizens have been marching and protesting about the continued open border policy of Merkel.  The...

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The Pro’s and Con’s on Each Candidate, Agree or Disagree

Someone asked me what I thought about the Presidential candidates still in the race and who I support. I had to tell her that I do not endorse or support any one candidate as of yet. However, I did tell her what I don’t like about the candidates. I will briefly tell you what I like and do not like. Then you can decide for yourself. What I like about Donald Trump is that he is honest, politically incorrect, bombastic, a true Patriot, and believes in the United States. I do not like that he can be brash and...

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American Patriot Gold-Backed Bonds

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