Jerome Hudson of Breitbart wrote an outstanding essay a few weeks back detailing the new book “Shattered” and outlining the reasons Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election. Hudson dissects several key districts and voting areas that were critical to Trump’s victory and “why” Trump won these areas that were traditionally Democrat strongholds. IE-(From Shattered); About a dozen counties in Michigan flipped from Obama to Trump, but one mattered most. Macomb County, flush with working- and middle-class whites, gave Trump more than his statewide margin of victory. Obama won the county by 16,103 votes in 2012; Trump took it by 48,348 votes, or about four times his statewide margin.

Normally I don’t like quoting other pundit types of sites like the one you’re reading now simply because I don’t like pointing readers away from Crows Nest. It just doesn’t seem like good business to send readers away. BUT, the article at Breitbart is outstanding and “Oh, by the way, you can order Shattered” by clicking on the Amazon ad at the right of your screen.

Shattered is but one of many books to come out on “how and why” Hillary Clinton lost the election. Hundreds of “EXPERTS” have already chimed in and the White House is still fighting the “false narrative” about Russian’s sneaking in at midnight and rigging all the polling machines across America. After reading articles at the New York Times, dozens of articles from major newspaper publications from coast to coast, I am actually amazed that “NONE OF THESE SO CALLED POLITICAL GURU WONKS” have spoken the “REAL REASON” Hillary Clinton lost.

In the interest of honesty and openness in these times of adjustment for the American people, I feel it is my duty to now explain to the world, the real reason Hillary Clinton lost to Donald J. Trump. Here we go!

HILLARY CLINTON IS an NARSISISTIC BITCH who only loves herself, and the entire world knows it! 

And there you have it. Hillary is arrogant, and she is haughty. She only does what aids and abets her political career and most of what she has touched in life, she has screwed it up. She is a compulsive liar (oh my God, we were being shot at when we got off our airplane in Bosnia), she allowed Americans to be slaughtered in Libya and denies it to this day, and she is a progressive socialist who admires Saul Alinsky. Does anyone really think that she is going to be palatable to the average American voter?

Hillary hates the military, and everyone knows that. She despises men and women in uniform and believes she is better than they are. She has a history of violence, even against her own husband who happened to be the president. Yes, Secret Service had to intervene many times to stop her from attacking the President of the United States.

When you add up all the negatives regarding Hillary, one has to ask themselves; “what was the Democrat Party thinking” when they put this self-serving bitch up to be a candidate for the presidency?

It is funny reading how all of these experts struggle to explain her loss. The Russians did it; Rush Limbaugh was the reason, the media didn’t give me a fair shake, Bill stumbled through too many speeches on my behalf, the Pope was the real reason, or my favorite, “what difference does it make?” I don’t expect the leftist media ever, to tell the truth, but it is enjoyable watching them try to spin this.

The fact is, on this side you had a positive message coming from a guy who obviously loves our nation and her people. On the other side, you had a left-wing religious zealot with a bad attitude. I chose the “happy guy.”



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