Ann Coulter even attended many of Trump’s campaign rally’s, spoke on his behalf and warmed the crowd up for the candidate. 

During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, one of “then candidate” Donald Trump’s most vocal and visible supporters was political pundit Ann Coulter. Coulter spent months traversing America, sparring with liberals on late night talk shows and schmoozing with Sean Hannity while espousing “The Donald’s” positive political attributes for our nation. Coulter’s devotion to Trump even stretched to the point that she wrote; “In Trump We Trust” and proclaimed that she worships him like the “people of North Korea worship their Dear Leader – blind loyalty.”

Coulter actually became very relevant in the campaign because she brought many voters to the booth on Trump’s behalf. Ann Coulter is widely regarded as about as “far to the right” as you can get without falling off planet earth. Pick the most conservative candidate in the field, and that is who Coulter will more than likely be supporting. Many consider Coulter very instrumental in bringing the “disenfranchised” Ted Cruz factions to the Trump camp. Had it not been for Coulter and several more, the Cruz supporters would have likely sat out that election all-together, thusly leaving Trump losing to Hillary Clinton. 

Donald Trump’s presidency began in somewhat of a hurricane type of atmosphere. On one side of the coin, we had fanfare, celebration, chants of swamp draining, and a revival of good-old-fashioned American patriotism. On the other side of the eye of the storm, we had rumors running rampant of election fraud, Russian interference, and partnerships with foreign tyrants.

For over 100-days now, we have witnessed our President and his administration under fire for a wide-range of issues. Keep in mind what President Trump’s campaign promises were. Back on the trail, he campaigned on “repeal and replace Obamacare,” “lowering taxes for nearly everyone who pays taxesbringing jobs back to our shores from overseas, rebuilding our military, draining the swamp, and building a wall between Mexico and the United States.”  His promise of repeal and replace is without a doubt the most devastating to him because of his fervent sales job of “this is the first thing I’m doing on day one.” 

It now appears that Coulter is beginning to become concerned with her choice in Donald Trump as are many other Trump supporters. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Coulter lay’s out her argument very effectively in the piece titled; Ann Coulter Is Worried The ‘Trump-Haters Were Right.’

Here is the problem for the President; 

a. The mainstream media, the Democrats, some Republicans, and 1/2 of the voting populace want Trump’s head on a platter (figuratively speaking). 

b. Some of the news about the White House being spewed is in fact “Fake News.” There is no disputing that! However, much of it is also the truth, and that is what is beginning to frighten many mainstream Republicans. When there is “that much” smoke, there is usually a fire someplace. 

c. The President is not helping his case much by having so many “first timers” in the West Wing. The reality is; these guys are making mistakes, and Trump doesn’t have any room for errors. 

d. Many are now talkingIMPEACHMENT OF DONALD TRUMP.” At first glance, one thinks, “no chance of that happening,” BUT! There are 23 House Members (Republicans) who serve in districts that Trump did not carry in this past election. If these Congressmen get too cozy with the White House, then they will no doubt lose their re-election bids back in their home districts. If the Democrats all gang up wanting impeachment hearings and the Republicans get cold feet, we could very easily have an impeachment hearing. Then all bets are off.    

Further Problem for the President;    

The president campaigned and did so in a manner that America had not seen before. Part of his rally schtick were promises that left “NO ROOM TO WIGGLE” as it were. In other words; “On the first day, I will repeal Obamacare with an Executive Order” and “I will sign off on a border wall to begin construction immediately, and I will make Mexico pay for it“.

I am not picking on President Trump! I am merely pointing out that “making hard promises which appear to be carved in stone, leave you with no way out if you fail to fulfill those obligations.” He would have better been served to say something like; “On the first day, we will begin making plans to talk with Mexico about them paying for the wall.”    

When Woodward and Bernstein took down President Nixon, it began much the same way. There were small puffs of smoke, and these guys just kept digging and digging. Every day that went by, the Oval Office became more of a focus and more embroiled in controversy. That is exactly what is happening now with the Trump presidency. This White House has been embroiled in some sort of controversy almost since day 1.     

Whether it be the Comey issue, Russia issue, a broken promise over healthcare, the list is long of crisis’ facing this Presidency. Probably the most devastating to date is the James Comey issue because now he is telegraphing that the President had asked him to drop the Russian investigation amongst other problems.


President Trump cannot afford to lose his base! If he loses his base (no matter the reason), then this will open the door for the House and Senate to turn their backs on Trump for political survival. He must retain his base, and they must keep pounding on Capitol Hill for whatever the cause de jour be for today. At this point in time, the President probably does need to make some changes in his staffing in the Oval Office. It is evident that his team is unable to work with Congress and Capitol Hill. Whether it is Reince Priebus or Steve Bannon, his son-in-law or all of them, somebody is not doing their job correctly. 

When you have this many people making so many mistakes, then it is time to say “YOU’RE FIRED”! 



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