Disclaimer; Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I am one of President Trump’s most devoted advocates and supporters. Anyone that knows me, also knows that I am impeccably honest and will be the first to call out the President if I feel he has not solved a problem or addressed an issue that is concerning to the grassroots/Tea Party in our nation. With this said; I am a pundit, reporter, blogger, journalist, activist, and fierce patriot to conservatism and our country. I love America, and I love our system of government, the Constitution, God, the Holy Bible, church, children, puppies, hot dogs, baseball and all things American including our President. However, just because I love you or one of the above, doesn’t mean that I will not “REBUKE YOU” if I feel as though you have made a mistake. I must because it is called “journalistic integrity”!

DEFINITION OF REBUKE;  express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behavior or actions.

Biblical Command; Proverbs-27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Now that you know that I am not just willy-nilly attacking our President, what I say now, I say out of respect, love, and admiration. Unfortunately, it must be said, and this is the only way I have to communicate with the White House and hopefully President Trump. Let us begin!

Just when you thought things were beginning to get more streamlined at the White House, President Trump does another interview. 

Yesterday, the President apparently decided to do a quick interview with NBC (of all media outlets as they are known as FAKE NEWS purveyors) anchor Lester Holt.

 Mr. President; Terms such as “show-boater, grandstander, etc.” is terminology that is beneath your station as President and certainly beneath the title that Mr. Comey held as Director of the FBI. The first problem with this interview is this. It was NOT needed! It is these types of interviews that should be passed on to Kelly Anne, Reince Priebus, Ivanka, the Communications Director or Press Secretary. This was not an interview worthy of the Presidents time.

Secondly; If you do these types of interviews and you’re unscripted, then you open yourself up to all sorts of criticisms (such as this article and a thousand more). Let’s face it, Mr. President, “YOU BLEW IT BIG TIME” AND you cut the legs out from under your Press Department and worse than that, you contradicted the Vice President. It was clearly evident yesterday or the day before that everyone had been put on the same exact page regarding the Comey firing. Everyone except YOU!   

Yes, that last statement most likely has you turning red in the face and screaming “who is this f***ing cowboy to criticize me?” I’ll tell you who I am. I am the guy that is trying to do my little part from the Heartland to save your proverbial presidential ass, and this is the only way I can do it (meaning; offer suggestions). 

Vice President Pence’s remarks on Comey’s termination;

You will notice that the Vice President stuck to the same script as every other White House spokesperson did that day. EVERYONE was on the same page and pushing the same message. Pence even went into a recitation about how the President showed clear leadership, strength did what was right for the nation, and all the other fluffy stuff to make the President look good.

Now President Trump comes along shortly after that and sits down with a clear enemy from the media (you could have least done this in friendlier confines with Sean Hannity rather than Lester Holt). One of your opening lines was to body slam the former Director; then you contradict “ALL THE TALKING POINTS” by saying that you had made your mind up last January about Comey. (referring to POTUS taking the recommendation of the Deputy AG about Comey’s termination)

Mr. President; Here is the bottom line!

A. If you’re going to do these sorts of interviews, make damn sure that you’re on the same page as everyone else! Grab Kelly Anne and have her hold cue cards up for you to help you to remember what to say if need be.

B. By doing these interviews and making glaring mistakes like this, makes the White House look amateurish and far less than professional. It must stop!

YOU ARE THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD! You have over a billion people that look to you for their leadership, protection, and safety from evil.

In my humble opinion, you should only wave to the camera’s while boarding Marine One or Air Force One. You should hold a press conference about once every 4-6 months or when you’re with a foreign leader and then only stick to the topic of the meeting. Do not get off into the weeds on other subjects. What this will do is keep you from being such an open book, retain a bit of mystique about both you and the Presidency and it will keep you from “pan frying your Vice President” on global television.

Mr. President; this was not the first time you have done this. My question is, “what do you plan on doing if Vice President Pence say’s, I can’t do this anymore?” Pence is a wonderful fellow. He is highly respected for his intellect, devotion to you, commitment to the office, country, family, and professionalism. You simply cannot continue to gut him in that fashion much longer. He will be forced to walk away.

Mr. President; we love you, we love your devotion to our nation, and we are behind you, BUT! Great leaders lift others up, not themselves. Great Quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers will (in the post game) talk about the great running by their backfield, the fabulous catches and superb offensive play calling, not how well they scrambled or threw the ball. They lift the team up and make it a team win, not their personal heroics. Am I making a point here?

It’s time to back out of the limelight, let the others handle that. You built a great team, now let them do their job and make you look good.

Enough said; God Bless you Sir, and may God bless this great nation.



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