The rumor mills are now swirling around the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Donald Trump.

The White House is reporting that Comey was let go because he wasn’t doing his job and had lost the faith of the American people and his own agents within the Bureau. The mainstream media has jumped on the Democratic talking points that Comey was terminated because he was “getting too close to the truth of Russian interference in the presidential election.” 


The fact is; the Democrats are trying desperately to stir the pot long enough and with enough hyperbole to cause the Republicans to turn on President Trump. But why? Why is the media and the Democrats working in collusion to sway the American people to turn against this President? Let us put on our tin-foil-hats for a moment and think outside the box.

The far “right-wing” in our country often populated by Tea Party patriots, libertarians (to some degree), conservative zealots, etc. are often lumped into one category. This is the group that believes fervently in the theory there is a New World Order about to take over our nation. This NWO is led by super-rich industrialist who attends meetings regularly and strategizes “how to seize control” of planet earth. 


Before you think I have lost my mind, let’s run this NWO rat trail for a minute and see where it leads us. Take the military establishment for example. How many lobbyists work Capitol Hill representing companies such as Boeing, Marathon, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Pratt & Whitney, and many more? What is it that these companies want? They want that government piggy bank opened up and dumped into their bank accounts for new toys or ramp up production of the toys they are already manufacturing.

Because of high-priced lobbyists, the government has spent a boat load of money on this inferior fight jet.

Lockheed Martin, for instance, is the company that is producing the overpriced and substandard F-35. I say inferior because it is slow, it is way, way over budget and is on the verge of being a huge elephant tied around the neck of the United States Air Force and Navy. Regarding fighter jets, the F-35 has stealth to save it, but what happens when the Russians or Chinese figure out how to combat a stealth fighter jet? The point being, the actual pilots, don’t want this slug for a fighter jet, but the lobbyists for Lockheed Martin do want it.

Then we have companies like NBC. Yes, the same channel your parents grab the evening news on. NBC is owned by General Electric. GE manufactures submarines as well as light bulbs. GE builds engines that are installed in many of our warships. People often wonder why we are still discussing global warming? Answer; because it is lucrative to do so. Why would GE want to keep making and selling light bulbs for $1.89 when they can sell an energy efficient light bulb for $14.95? To do so, they need to drive the narrative that we are warming up, and you would be a good citizen if you replaced your crappy old bulbs with these new “green bulbs.”


Does the swamp begin and end with the military establishment? Obviously not! We have the food and farming industry with specialty corn now being grown for specific purposes such as alternative energy. Companies like Monsanto spend millions every year on Capitol Hill.

Then we have the drug industry. Businesses that are part of the “Big Pharma Lobby” pour millions into Capitol Hill because they want to keep Medicare paying inflated prices for drugs. They do not want government inference in the pricing of medications. Of course, the government forces the companies to spend millions to get a drug approved by the Fed’s before they can take it to market.

Last but far from not least; we have the Insurance lobby. Why do you think Paul Ryan wants to keep Obamacare but repackage it to make it sellable to the American people? It’s because the bulk of Ryan’s campaign war chest comes from the Insurance lobby. The early years of “O-Care,” there was a fund set up that if a carrier (IE; Aetna, Blue Cross, etc.) lost money, then the government would pay for the losses. This is why $750B was stripped from Social Security and Medicare to pay for the losses. Now that the clock has run, companies are pulling out of the exchanges in fear that they won’t be paid back.


The bottom line is this; President Trump has started draining the swamp. We saw a large piece of that swamp drained the other day with the firing of Director Comey from the FBI. Trump has written Executive Orders for a new direction in lobbying and is beginning to clean up the corruption. Wanna guess who the largest recipients of much of that lobbying money are? Yep, you guessed it, the DEMOCRATS! Their gravy train is about to pared back in a large way. They won’t be able to make the payments on that new lake house or finish paying for that ski trip to the Alps, and they are furious. THEY MUST GET RID OF DONALD TRUMP!

When Eisenhower left office, in his departure speech, he warned America of the dangers of our military establishment.

President Eisenhower warned us of the power of the military establishment. Considering that WWI (the bloodiest war of all time) was started by a Democrat, WWII began for America under a Democrat, and Vietnam also had a Democrat plunge us into that conflict. We might want to give some weight to the theory that Democrats are wanting to rid Trump from Capitol Hill for lobbying reasons.

The upside to all of this is this; There are not enough Democrats to run an Impeachment of Donald Trump. They need 2/3rds of the Senate to actually find the President guilty of whatever charges the House would come up with. It is not illegal for Trump’s people to have a meeting with the Russian leadership. The Dem’s are grasping at straws as we know that Russia could not hack the ballot boxes as they are not hooked up to any Internet service. What they are trying to do is to poison Trump for 2020 and keep him off balance for the duration of his tenure this go round.  

Good luck Democrats, you’re going to need it. As the days tick off, the President is becoming more and more popular. As the economy continues to improve, this President is becoming a rock star. As our enemies continue to retreat, Trump is bringing peace back to nations that have not seen any in a long time. Our military is being rebuilt and a tax cut is on the horizon for everyone. You in the Democrat party are going to need a lot more than, “OH MY GOD, HE TALKED TO PUTIN.”


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