Many if not most President Trump loyalists felt that today’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was long overdue. 

The final straw for President Trump was the Director’s recent testimony on Capitol Hill. Below is the explanation with the termination statement from the President to Director Comey. The Washington Post has all 4-relevent letters in this article.

In Trump’s letter to Comey, the President directly charges that Comey is no longer able to lead the FBI effectively. The President based his decision to terminate Comey nearly wholly on recommendations from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General. Both letters are in this Washington Post article.

On the surface, this looks like a move to clean up the FBI (which it is), but this is not the only reason for the termination. When reading the letter from the Deputy Attorney General to the Attorney General, this move today is without a doubt a move to clear a path for a Hillary Clinton prosecution. Remember that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself from any prosecution of Hillary. However, to go after Clinton, he would have had to go after Comey’s findings or lack thereof regarding Hillary’s guilt over her email scandal.   

This afternoon I received a very gleeful phone call from my Washington Guru. This particular GURU has worked on Capitol Hill for over 30-years while serving our nation. He has worked in two different administrations where his offices were in the West Wing. In other words, this guy knows many of players on Capitol Hill as well as “Washington Speak”. His analysis of that letter from the Deputy to Jeff Sessions is very, very clear that the administration is about to go after Hillary Clinton to prosecute her and the Foundation and everyone involved. Read the letter again and read between the lines. I didn’t have that take on this until after this phone call then I began rereading it from the standpoint of a case against Hillary. This person is scathing angry that Comey let Hillary off the hook.    

Now that Comey is out of the way, the Justice Department can now do their duty.    

Prediction for my Patriots; Hillary Clinton (with a little help from my Guru who is never wrong) will now be prosecuted over her 33,000 emails and all the tangled web surrounding it. I hope she has a good lawyer!





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