” A society that fails to protect their women and children is doomed to failure” (Author Unknown)

WARNING; Today’s opinion piece will inflame passions both positive and adverse. For anyone to correct an issue, be it alcoholism, drug addiction or gambling, one must be honest with themselves and look in the mirror. It is often difficult to do, but it is a necessity if you want to become a better person and an asset to society. 

According to the CDC and Guttmacher Institute; America performed some 994,000 abortions in 2014. Since abortion became legal in the early 1970’s, our nation has murdered some 58,000,000 defenseless and innocent children, yet we call ourselves a “Great Nation.” Someone explain to me, how can you be a great nation when you’re willing to legalize the slaughter of innocent children as a matter of convenience for the mother?

If abortion is bad, then how much worse is the murder of our elderly and again the defenseless? The State of Oregon has decided that it is now a benefit to starve our senior citizens to death. Nations such as Japan, Mexico, Spain, Italy and for that matter, the better part of planet earth revere their aged citizens. They respect them for their accomplishments, sacrifices, and wisdom. Can we as a nation consider ourselves “GREAT” when we are so willing to murder our senior citizens? 

How far has a society degraded when comedians are applauded for espousing very disgusting, foul, and vile language while making jokes about their elected leaders. This is but one opening monolog on one show. There are literally hundreds of others which could be used to make this point. 

Yes, there is always exceptions to a rule. I fully acknowledge that young ladies are raped, or molested by their brothers. I am very aware that this does happen, but the fact is, it is a tiny percentage in comparison to the number of abortions performed annually in our nation.  

Let us shelve the abortion issue and the murdering of our senior citizens. Let’s shift gears toward crime. Out of the 22 countries deemed “first world” (mostly tongue in cheek) with the highest level of education and income, America comes in at number 1 for deaths by gun violence. The sad truth is; more young men have been gunned down in Chicago alone over the past 8-9 years that we as a nation lost while hunting and fighting terrorism around the world.   

As a nation that touts itself as the “Greatest Nation on Earth,” we are murdering our babies, killing our elderly (all legal to do so) and gunning down thousands of our citizens annually. Does this sound like someplace you want to live and raise a family? How bad must a nation like Mexico be for their citizens to want to come north to the United States? If the above sounds counter to what you would think is the “Greatest Nation on Earth,” then try this statistic on for size.   

The United States has over 45,000,000 of our citizens who go to bed hungry every night. To make that number even worse, some 13,000,000 of those are children who do not get any dinner every night. In fact, the only meals they get are usually at school. Does this sound like “The Greatest Nation on Earth” to you?  

Someone tell me if there is a difference between the old Soviet Union news service back in 1969 and today’s mainstream media in the United States. Both spread misinformation to their citizenry. Both tell false narratives to push an agenda, and both are working arms of a particular political party. What is the difference between what our federal government did to our citizens in a religious compound in Waco, Texas and what the Chinese government pulled at Tiananmin Square back in 1989?  

Are we truly the “Greatest Nation on Earth” when our government wiretaps citizens without their knowledge? How about the NSA recording every phone call in our nation? What about a government that arbitrarily decides that you didn’t pay enough income tax. They decide you owe an additional $1153. Your CPA told you that what you paid is accurate, yet the IRS still strips the money from your checking account. You have to take them to court, win an audit and wait a couple of years to get your money back, if you ever do. The “Greatest Nation on Earth” performs this operation on a daily basis nationwide. 

Are we still the “Greatest Nation on Earth” when we have politicians who are above the law because of political connections? Case in point is Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  

Patriot’s; I am pretty sure I have angered some of you. Before you lop my head off, know this. I have been all over Asia, Central America, and Mexico. I have traveled to a total of 26 foreign nations. Trust me when I tell you, America is thought of in less than a flattering light in many nations. It is principally because we insert ourselves in so many others business when we have not been asked to do so. The same leadership that performs these acts, is the same leadership who routinely breaks laws in our own land, then walks away. All the while, some average Joe in Utah just got busted for having 2 pot plants and is spending 12-years in prison.

America; I love our nation. I served my nation proudly. My son is currently serving and my father is resting at Arlington National. Nobody loves this country more than I do. With that said, our nation is broken and we have issues. What was once right is now wrong and what was once wrong is now right. I don’t know how much of this broken system President Trump can fix or repair, but on this national day of prayer, I do pray he can get most of it done. When this happens, I will proudly say; “The Greatest Nation on Earth” and do so with a grin on my face.


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