Anytime Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) say; “nice doing business with you” and laugh as they walk out the door, this should be a red-flag that your negotiation skills might need a bit more honing. 

My-my how the times have changed. It was just a little over 6-months ago; we were all watching television advertising telling us how tough the Republicans were going to be on immigration. We were even told in detail how they were going to “RIP OBAMACARE OUT BY THE ROOTS” and start over. How many millions did the GOP invest in telling America about our new wall along our Southern Border? We were even told that all of this and much more would be handled by the greatest business negotiator since Barabbas talked his way to freedom when Pontious Pilate put Jesus on the cross.  

In the interest of honesty here; I do have a confession to make. I did support President Trump early (and I do mean early) in his campaign for the White House. In fact, I was supporting his campaign even before it became an official campaign. In lieu of that, let’s just say, this article today will not be easy for me to write. I will be a bit harsh on the President but make no mistake about it, the brunt of my ire will be directed in the direction it needs and should be. That being the offices of Speaker Paul Ryan and the Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell.

Today’s headlines in the Washington Post (the liberal D.C. fish wrapper); “Democrats confident they can block Trump’s agenda after spending bill win ” 

Someone explain to me how the Republicans can have an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives, a majority in the Senate and own the White House. Yet, with all the power, the GOP still manages not just to lose the negotiations (the deal), but they also lose the public arguments that the bill advances President Trump’s campaign promises.


I can drone on about “how and why” you just your tail whipped by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, but I’m not. You know, we know, and no matter how much you trot Sean Spicer out to spin this, the hard truth is, “THE GOP AND YOUR AGENDA JUST GOT SPANKED”! 

To prove my point, then I will go on; Mr. President, you tout yourself as one of the “World’s Greatest Negotiators, ” and we believe you, yet out of a $1-Trillion plus dollar spending bill, you can’t find $1-Billion for your wall? No sir, the truth is, you backed down from Schumer because you allowed him to win the public argument and dominate the narrative in the media. Knowing you, this critique will no doubt anger you. I won’t apologize, and the reason is, I am right, and I represent (although loosely) the thoughts and passions of tens of millions of Tea Party and Grassroots voters.

Now we have to analyze how and why you lost this argument and allowed the Democrats to frighten the GOP into capitulating to this horrible spending bill. Mr. President, you have the bully pulpit, you own the airwaves until your heart’s content, and you have the microphone. What should have happened is this.

You should have read what it was the Democrats wanted, then went on air for an “Address to the Nation.” Taking a page from Ronald Reagan’s playbook, you should have read on the air what the Democrats wanted (IE; Sanctuary Cities~then explained that you are required by law to defend the laws of the land and the Constitution), then declared “NO” we won’t be funding items that break the law! After having read the list then appealed to the American people to support “YOUR AGENDA” (IE; the Wall, defunding PP and all the rest). I can assure you, the phone lines Monday morning on Capitol Hill would have been melting down and you would have won the public narrative argument and won the negotiation.

Sir; the reality is this. The House of Representatives has less than a 20% approval rating as does the Senate. You, on the other hand, have a 50% approval rating. For the good of the nation, you could have shut the government down (which is actually closing down discretionary spending, not fixed funding). Because of “why you were doing it,” you could have blamed the Democrats for supporting illegal activity, and you would have won that argument, and won the day.

Mr. Trump; It is time you realize your role here. What needs to happen now is this. We in the heartland need your coattails to win in 2018. We need your popularity, and we are going to need a powerful, not weak GOP to win these races.


Bring the Speaker and Mr. McConnell to the Oval Office and issue this message. You, two guys, have a choice, you can either support my agenda, or I am taking this to the American people, and I am going to make your lives miserable. I made promises to the American people, and I am by God going to deliver these promises with or without you. Your choice, then shut up! Let them know that you are tired of them subverting your efforts and you want Obamacare ripped out by the roots, and you want it now.  

Mr. President; the bulk of this nation doesn’t want this monstrosity, and they hate it. Yes, a few want the free money, but the fact is, we can’t afford it, and everyone knows it. Call them, bang some heads and don’t be afraid, the grassroots have your back. I realize this entire diatribe might sound as if I am angry at you Mr. President. Yes, I am a little, but mostly I am angry at Paul Ryan for not having the courage to fight Schumer and Pelosi in the media and defend your agenda. Truth be known; they need to go into retirement.   

Mr. President; We support you, and we are behind your agenda, this is why you were elected. You were chosen to go to war and drain the swamp!

Find yourself a real TEA PARTY/GRASSROOTS Adviser and listen to them! We need a tough President and your the guy! It’s time to suck it up, get tough and put on display what you taught us so many years ago in your book “The Art of the Deal.”


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