The Hollywood elite and the mainstream media took it on the chin once again, Saturday night. The annual White House Press Correspondents Dinner was minus one major figure at the plush hotel ballroom where the event was being held. That being the President himself. Instead of attending this 2-3 hour roasting event (it’s usually the President who is the one being roasted), the President decided once again to spend his evening with his adoring blue collar fan base in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. White House personnel have reported that he chose the Keystone State because it was Pennsylvania which put him over the top in the electoral college count which gave him the Presidency.

The leftist elites from the left coast and the media could not let this golden opportunity slide. They simply took the time in their rented tuxedo’s and ballroom gowns to take pot-shot after pot-shot at the President. I wonder if it would have been any different had he been there? Here is the first 25-minutes of this very childish event.

I did find it interesting that Hasan’s first joke was about Muslims hosting the event for the past 9-years. Of course, he was referencing both himself and Barack Obama. Hasan Minhaj (from Comedy Central) then went on a 25-minute diatribe (posing as comedy) against both President Trump and most of the folks that work in or near the Oval Office. His jokes, for the most part, were not funny and ended up being vile and totally tasteless in nature.

President Trump was not to be one-upped, however. He unleashed his own version of a roast on both the Hollywood royalty and the media in general. Watch the first 10-minutes of this video and if you’re a Trump fan, enjoy~

After watching both the WHCD and the Trump speech, I began pondering “why do the left hate this man so much?” Seriously America, why do the Hollywood elitist, mainstream media, and Democrats so despise this guy? It is one thing to disagree with a political figure, and it is quite another to have a deep-seeded visceral hatred for someone. These same folks are the ones who have even said they want to see him murdered. Why? I disliked Barack Obama, but honestly, I did not hate him and certainly never wanted to see him killed for being President.

About 25-years ago, my wife and I were vacationing in Colorado Springs over the Christmas holidays. A couple of days after Christmas, we traveled over behind Pikes Peak to a small town by the name of Cripple Creek. This was before legalized gaming at the time, and it was still a rustic little historic mining town.

We were standing in front of small jewelry shop selling gorgeous jewelry which had been made with Cripple Creek gold. Two young ladies walked up behind us wearing SMU jerseys. This is relevant to the story because SMU is mostly attended by very wealthy students as it is almost as expensive as Harvard and is actually known as the Harvard or Princeton of Texas. Good school yes, but you almost have to be royalty to attend the school.

Now that you understand that these two young ladies were from very upper-crust families, you can appreciate what happened next. One of the ladies chimed out loud; “Oh Julie, I forgot to show you what daddy gave me for Christmas.” Julie responded; “what did you get Debbie?” Debbie very proudly stuck her arm out, pulled up her sleeve and with a beaming smile said; “he gave me my first STARTER ROLEX“!

A couple of points here. The first being; even in the late 80’s, a “starter Rolex” (being the Pearl version at that time) would have cost you in the area of $2,500.00. The second point being, it was very evident that this young lady was only trying to garner attention (which we gave her by oohing and ahhing) by putting this sort of display on. Lastly; the only reason she did this was that she was very arrogant and thoroughly enjoyed putting on “airs” to an audience. And there you have it.

It is as simple as the Democrats view Republicans and their supporters as stupid. In the case of the two young ladies, they were bred and born in Texas, and they actually believe in their hearts that they are better than anyone else as they are from aristocratic Texas families. Case in point is this Facebook message sent to me last night.

Todd believes that Trump supporters are holding back intellectual advancement in our nation. How arrogant is that? He believes that all Trump supporters have been duped and are stupid. And that is the crux of the problem. The wealthy don’t like Trump because he is not “of that rich circle of old families.” Trump is what is known as “nuevo-riche,” he is not from the founding families who built America. Your old money is the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DuPont’s, Getty’s, J.P. Morgans, Vanderbilts, Hunts, and Remingtons. These are families where “nobody knows what their worth because nothing is published and their wealth is so vast, it is nearly impossible to gauge it.

To these families, “Presidential” is John Kerry, Mitt Romney, Kennedy or a George H. W. Bush. We are rich, we are arrogant, and you cannot drag someone into the Oval Office from “THAT SIDE OF TOWN.” We don’t care that he is a billionaire, that is all new money and probably stolen anyway. Then you have the Hollywood royalty who wants Communism or Marxism to reign supreme. Why these freaks are so hell bent on electing a Joseph Stalin, I will never know, but it seems this is what they want. Of course, the media doesn’t like anyone who claims to be a Republican; it is pretty much that simple.

The truth is; nobody but his base will ever like Donald J. Trump.

America could have 6% annual growth with the cost of goods in decline and where the poor can now afford to buy groceries again, and the media and left would still hate him.

Donald J. Trump is a very successful “Blue-Collar” type of guy. I am suspecting he would rather sit around a bar, drink a beer and tell jokes rather than go sailing on a yacht or attend a polo match. Trump loves the average Joe and thinks that most of Long Island are pretentious as hell. Yes, he has nice stuff, but his heart is blue-collar and unlike the Hilton’s, he is real people and very likable. This is what is killing the media, elitist and the stuff shirts. They cannot stand the fact that his personality won him the White House and they still cannot grasp “how it happened.

Keep up the good work Mr. President!



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