Why is it that some people always seem to be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? 

Case in point; the incredible collapse of the Atlanta Falcons to the New England Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl. Some will say; “no, Tom Brady won that game in one of the greatest comebacks in all of sports history.” Yes, Brady was indeed incredible, but when you have a 25-point lead at half-time and one of the best defenses in pro football, one would expect you to be able to (if nothing else), get some first downs, and run the clock out to become Super-Bowl Champions.  

Not so for the Falcons. They took chances, their front line collapsed at the wrong time, way too many times, leaving Matt Ryan (Falcons QB) absorbing sacks and missed passes. In other words, when they had the game won, they decided “Nope, we don’t want to be the Champions, we want the Patriots to win this game.”   

One can make almost the same argument for this current GOP. The similarities between the Republicans and the Atlanta Falcons is eerily uncanny. Both had strong seasons to take them to the top. Both have world class politicians (err; offenses and defenses), and both had huge leads. Yet, the Falcons collapsed, and the Republican Party is doing the same thing.

House Speaker Paul Ryan decided to roll out his newest “improved” version of a healthcare bill the other day. On the heels of this rollout, now it seems that the Freedom Caucus (the group that caused the collapse of the last Republican healthcare bill) has decided to support this version of Ryancare. Speaker Ryan’s newest problem doesn’t seem to be evil conservative Freedom Caucus; now his problem has become the “milk toast squishy Moderate Republicans” who are giving the Speaker a hard time. They don’t seem to like the new version of Obamacare 2.o (err; Ryancare).

As if Ryancare wasn’t enough headaches for the Speaker of the House and the White House, now we get to a “faux government shutdown” threatened by Senator Chucky Schumer (D-NY) over a “Continuing Resolution” to keep the government operating. If you pile that issue on top of the $1B startup (included in the spending bill) cost for the Presidents beloved “Border Wall” and you have a pretty abysmal week for President Trump leading up to his 100-day celebration of his presidency.

It is ludicrous that Congress cannot find $1B to give Trump his wall. Something is wrong.

Simple question for Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell; “WHY AND THE HELL ARE YOU TWO ALLOWING THE DEMOCRATS TO DICTATE ANYTHING? How is Chucky allowed to threaten anything to you regarding shutting down anything on Capitol Hill other than his coat closet door? Why are you two allowing the Democrats even to have a platform to complain?  

It’s Time To Stop Playing Games Boys and Girls; 

The sad truth is; the Republican Party has left this President “hanging out to dry” in the breeze. Speaker Paul Ryan has performed with near total derelict and with near total amateurish leadership. This clown brought a vote to “repeal and replace” Obamacare to the floor of the House approximately 70-times over the past 4-5 years. Yet, when the President enters the White House, all of the sudden he can’t bring the conservative factions together with the more moderate factions?

On top of that; the Speaker has Freedom Caucus members like Rep. Jim Jordon (R-OH) trotting out to do interviews explaining the virtues of the Ryancare plan (Obamacare 2.o) and further explaining that “this is the best we can do right now and we will try and do better in the future.”

Boys and Girls on the Hill; what you guys are playing with right now is FIRE! What and hell are you thinking? You Republicans need to be shutting down Schumer and Pelosi at every turn. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ELECTED DONALD TRUMP FOR A REASON!

Mr. President; It is now very evident that Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell are NOT YOUR FRIENDS! You must remember that these individuals are “bought and paid for” by various special interest groups such as the Insurance lobby. The House is not your friend, and the Senate is not your friend. As a matter of fact, I happen to know of one meeting the Senate Republicans held where many of the GOP Senators in attendance sat and laughed that you actually thought you would get Obamacare overturned, and you would get a wall between Mexico and the United States.

Mr. President; You Sir were elected by the Tea Party, the grassroots conservative factions and a few moderates of the Republican Party. The party elitist was the very reason you won the nomination in a landslide because a vote for Trump was a vote against the establishment. The simple fact is, you were anti-status quo and you promised to clean up the swamp on Capitol Hill. You were elected for your business acumen and your toughness when approaching problems. Your “no-nonsense” speak was a refreshing change from the usual political double talk we are so used to hearing.

Now that you know that Paul Ryan is a snake and lying in wait to bite you, it is time you begin asking the American people to help. One of the most important issues is Obamacare. Mr. President; you need to go on national television (just as Reagan did), explain that you want Obamacare scrapped in totality! If you do not, the American people, the Tea Party and all of your grassroots support will abandon you! If you acquiesce to this Ryan version of healthcare, it will be the end of your support base. I honestly do not know how to make it any clearer to you. The Tea Party and most of our nation want a free market system for our health care.

The answer is simple for health care. OPEN UP MEDICARE! If a patient has been refused health care through the free market, then they go down to Social Security, present their denial letters and enroll in Medicare based upon income. Have a sliding scale for premiums based upon income by the patient. Some might pay $10 a month and some might pay $300 a month, but everybody pays something. This alleviates the pre-existing condition issue, it provides health care for everyone and it will average out to not cost the government a lot of money. Both sides of the aisle will be happy and the grassroots will be happy.

The interview you did with Reuters and those types of interviews need to stop. You, Sir, are President. You made promises to be a great leader, now it is time to lead. Dig down deep inside, find that President that is in your core and take charge. It is time to stop relying on so many for advice on every topic. You know what is right and you know what is fair. You know what is good for America and you know what is bad for our nation. Stick to the Constitution and stick to the conservative base and you will be fine.

In the end, if the Republicans do not support this President, I shudder to think what 2018 will look like. It won’t be pretty that is for sure.

It is time to “Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp”, now let’s get it done!




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