Donald Trump has the support of most of the American people, Paul Ryan doesn’t!

If you ask most Americans today; “who do you trust more, a used car salesman, or a member of Congress,” I put my money on the car salesman. 

Once upon a time in America, Senators, Congressmen and more often than not, the President were revered. Young men would shake a Congressman’s hand and all but “be in awe” of the event. Ask them, and they would often say, “I want to grow up and be a Congressman.” Not that a politician was ever in the same league with growing up to be an NFL Quarterback or a big league pitcher, but it was something admirable to aspire too. Not anymore!

Today; Congressmen and Senators are viewed as corrupt (because most are), liars, cheats, philanderers, and something akin to the wild west medicine salesman who sold from the back of a wagon while going from town to town.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a very extensive article on recent polling regarding our elected officials. If you happen to be a Congressman, you can get a pretty clear picture of what our citizenry thinks of you as an elected official and most likely a human being. The sad truth is, if you were on fire in the middle of the street, most people would hand you a glass of gasoline rather than water.

The Journal is reporting that a mere 20% of the public approves of Congress job performance. The tragedy of that number is that its approval rating is actually up from May of 2011. No, that is not a joke, it is true. The superstar performance (said tongue in cheek) of Speaker Paul Ryan has his numbers at an astounding 22% job approval or likeability rating. Holy Toledo Batman-really? Yes, Robin, America very much dislikes Speaker Paul Ryan. In fact, they don’t just dislike him, they all but abhor him. 

After reading all the polling data from the Journal (I highly recommend you click and read it as well), I am left with this analysis of the situation. 

PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to run from this Congress and put as much distance between himself and Paul Ryan as he can. No more photo-ops for the Speakers wall and photo-album. No more press invites to cover a lunch they may have together and no more invites to Oval Office. If I were the POTUS, I would not be caught in a dark alley with this Speaker. 

If I were Steve Bannon or Kelly Anne, I would be recommending that the President view Ryan as his political enemy rather than someone he needs to work with, here’s why.  

Ryan has all but torpedoed the President’s original “repeal and replace” of Obamacare. Oh, he did come out early on and claimed they were working on it and his deepest desire was to get rid of Obamacare. We now know that was a crock of crap. His plan was nothing more than “Obamacare Dejavu or 2.0”. Then it got shot down by the Freedom Caucus (thank God) and now were are back to a fluffed up version of the original Obamacare/Ryancare 2.0 again. This jerkwad is running the same crap up the flagpole again.  

Then we had the Speaker giving Trump a hard time over the border wall funding. Now we have him fighting Trump over taxes and the lowering thereof for corporations. Never mind the fact that America is at number one for corporate taxes globally with a 35% tax rate.  

Remember it was Ryan who campaigned back in 2012 claiming he wanted to “defund” Obamacare and let it die. Once he won his re-election in 2012 and 2014, he then “funds” Obamacare through an enormous Omnibus bill.

Is it any wonder the American people don’t like this lying sleazeball?

In my ‘never to be humble‘ opinion, what needs to happen in the Oval Office is this. STOP TRYING to get along with the House and Senate! Donald Trump was elected by the grassroots in this country. He was elected because he spoke from the heart, spoke to the people and told us he understood our daily struggles. That is not to say that he should start a war with Capitol Hill, but he needs to keep the American people first and foremost and let the American people know he will fight the Hill on behalf of the people.

The President needs to pull a page out of the Reagan playbook and take his case to the people. Tell the people what the plan is and then ask the people to call, write and go fight with their Congressmen.

In the end, Capitol Hill’s residents are despised by the American people. The Presidents polling (according to some pollsters) is hovering around 50%. He can significantly increase these numbers by dumping Ryan and gang and taking his case to the American citizens.



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