The battle has been waging for years in the media. On this side of the ring, you have; MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and a dozen more. On the other side of the aisle, you have Fox News, and they are standing alone. 

There was once a time in this nation when journalist, reporters and news anchors took great pride in their craft. There was once a time in America when people like Woodward and Bernstein were revered for their incredible research and investigative sniffing out of a great story. Men like Cronkite, Brinkley, and Murrow dominated the evening news and were watched by the entire nation. They may have been bleeding heart liberal Democrats, but you would have never known it by their professionalism while in front of the microphone or camera.

Today’s news is different. No longer is the story “just reported on.” Today; the anchors say a partial truth, then put a spin on it to encourage the viewer to have a different “take” on the partial truth story. Today in our nation, major news outlets such as CNN or MSNBC no longer even try to hide their feelings or political slants.

If you watched the video above, did you happen to catch when the CNN anchors openly admitted to doing all they could for the Hillary Clinton for President campaign? 

Up until the 2016 Presidential campaign, it almost seemed as if the Main Stream Media (MSM) had a death grip on America. Then came Donald Trump. Trump has had a long enduring relationship with the media, mostly because of decades-long celebrity in New York City. He knew how to work the media, and he knows how to get along with them as well. All was well with the media and the Trump camp until they began twisting the truth, manipulating the facts and playing games with him. IE; The trap question that Megyn Kelly asked him during the first presidential debate. This was when he unloaded on her with the Rosie O’Donnell answer. Now we have the term “Fake News.”   

Today; you can find a “news” post on Facebook for instance, and half of the comments will be “Fake News” if the reader happens to not like the political slant of that story. This is not necessarily the case. The story may be totally accurate, but because it doesn’t fit that reader’s political leanings, they will label it as FAKE NEWS. Then again, you can have a story or article that seems to have a legitimate headline and the story is a half-truth or nearly totally false. So how do you know the difference?

  1. Read the headline carefully. If the headline say’s “Monkeys Are Scheduled to fly new Top-Secret Space Shuttle To Mars“, you might want to pass it by or go to Google and try to find a corroborating story to verify it. However, in this case, use some common sense before opening it up.
  2. Google, Google, and Google some more. By this I mean, if the story happens to be on someone’s blog and it seems to be totally “tin-foil-hat” in nature, Google it. If it is legitimate, I can promise you that the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AP Wire Service or the Washington Times will have covered it. Before you just arbitrarily decide the story is FAKE NEWS, spend a minute, do some homework and Google the topic. If it’s true, it will be out there someplace. If you cannot find any verification anywhere, then yes, it is most likely a bogus story.
  3. Not all of the MSM is FAKE NEWS! By this I mean, NBC, for instance, will post a story or have one on their evening news coverage. The story is true, it is the spin they put on the story that is so infuriating. IE: The Fresno Shooter did in fact shoot and kill 4 innocent victims. That part is right. He did walk through a building (making this part up), shoot two people in the head, then reload his gun and keep shooting. All of this is accurate. But then what NBC will do is, try to cover up the fact that the guy was a Muslim terrorist and screaming Allahu Akbar while shooting. They will either leave that part out altogether or they will spin and say, “he was praising God while he was doing this” or something of that nature. They will do everything in their power to not let the world know he was a Muslim who hated Christians and wanted to kill a few of us.
  4. Then you have just plain old FAKE NEWS in general. World Net Daily, the Onion and many more are guilty of this. World Net Daily, for instance, is right slanted in nature and most of their stuff is slamming Democrats. At this site, you can find Democrats guilty of human trafficking and all sorts of stuff. At the Onion, you can find Republicans guilty of eating their children for supper and it goes down hill from there.

The bottom line is, use your common sense. I don’t believe for a minute that Senator Joni Ernst kills pigs for sport, then eats her children dinner.


Crows Nest Politics DOES NOT PUBLISH FAKE OR TWISTED NEWS! Crows Nest yesterday published (at 4:00 AM) a story about Bill O’Reilly leaving Fox News. This was a full 12-hours before the announcement was made at Fox News. Allow me to explain.      

Often on a major news story that is about to break, insiders will leak the story. There are many reasons for this, but the fact is, they do. They will most likely leak the story to either the Washington Post, Times or New York Times or the AP. This is when you read the headlines and say, “No-Way” this isn’t happening, but it is. The Times will lead with this line. “Undisclosed sources are reporting that; dot, dot, dot“. That doesn’t mean the story is FAKE NEWS. It simply means that the reporter has been sworn to secrecy on “who their sources are“. That reporter wants to keep that source (who happens to be a Chief of Staff to a Senator), so they are not about to burn that bridge.     

Crows Nest took the story of all of the “inside sources” being reported in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times and ran with it. We could run with it for several reasons. A; We knew it was true because a liberal paper and a conservative paper were both reporting basically the same information. B; We knew of O’Reilly’s record with sexual harassment at Fox and this is one of the reasons that several celebrity anchors had left Fox. C; We applied some logic and we gave our opinion that this story is most likely going to happen sooner rather than later.

Crows Nest never said that O’Reilly had been fired. We said that it looked bad and we could not see how Fox could keep him as all of their advertising revenue was leaving until Fox did release him. This was factual information and again, we were 12 full hours ahead of the announcement.     

Crows Nest will link sourcing to its claims if it is NEWS! IF the article in strict opinion, then the article is marked as such. We never, ever portray opinion as NEWS!     

Scour the Internet, but when you land at the Nest, know you are getting real news and conservative opinions on important news topics.


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