Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

The excuse for the past two weeks has been that Bill O’Reilly has been on vacation. This might not exactly be the truth. 

When one is charged with something, most people look at “who is making the allegations” when evaluating those accusations that are being accused. In the case of Fox Prime Time News personality Bill O’Reilly, the case could not be worse. In the beginning, it was Gretchen Carlson (a former Miss America and famous News Anchor in her own right) who charged “America’s No. 1” political pundit with sexual harassment. 

Then came several others who did so discreetly, then the MOAB dropped the hammer. Megyn Kelly who was Fox News female equivalent came forward, and she too claimed that O’Reilly had tried to force her into having an affair with him. 

O’Reilly did not have just a couple of no-name cleaning ladies (no offense intended, am making a point here) making charges of sexual harassment. He had Fox News top two female talents laying waste to his reputation. Megyn Kelly was the number one female news talent on the network with a national reputation as well as being an Attorney. Combine her pedigree with the resume of Gretchen Carlson, and if your name happens to be Murdoch, you now have problems. In other words, these two ladies carry a large amount of clout and impeccable reputations for honesty when it comes to this subject. 

Everyone thought that after Megyn Kelly left Fox for greener pastures, the issue with O’Reilly would die down. Not so, what her leaving did do, was to open the floodgates to more allegations by many more women. In fact, Fox had even set up a private phone number, where women could call in anonymously with tips on O’Reilly’s behavior. 

New York magazine, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today are all now reporting that Fox News is in preparations to cut its ties with Mr. O’Reilly.  

Fox News is apparently unwilling to cover for the news giant any longer, as they have in the past. Rupert himself had been O’Reilly’s cover man for years. Now that he has relinquished much of his power to his two sons (who don’t like Bill), that cover is gone. With advertisers fleeing Fox and protest being conducted almost daily on their downtown New York City studios and offices, Fox is now being forced to say “Hasta La Vista Baby” to the once King of Prime Time.  

Combine fame, fortune, and power with arrogance and you now have a devastating cocktail that brings down the mightiest. Good luck Bill, I can honestly say that after this, I won’t be missing you and I might even find another network to watch.



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