While the names have changed and the dates might have changed, the mood has not.

Beginning in the late 1960’s, musical groups such as the Beatles, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, and even Jimmy Hendrix wrote and recorded anti-establishment records. This counter culture began in earnest with teens and young people from across our nation gathering in a New York farm field owned by Max Yasgur. The event which began on August 15, 1969, became simply known as “Woodstock.” For three days, some 400,000 young people (who became known as Hippies) braved the sun, rain, mud, hunger, and drug overdoses to protest the American establishment and listen to the latest in rock music.  

The “Counter-Culture” which began at Woodstock back in 1969 have grown up. They went on to become leaders in business, activism and yes, even government. We first saw the results in a big way with the election of Bill Clinton as President. The teachings of “peace, love, groovy and more” came to pass in the late 80’s with the rise of flower power in our leadership positions within our government. Remember Janet Reno? Remember Hillary (o.k., that was meant as humor), George Stephanopoulos, Dick Morris, and Robert Reich? They were all products of the era of “Counter-Culture.” While the idealism of “peace, love, and groovy” roll off the tongue, the application to govern with this mindset is not very applicable in real-life. Try holding up the “peace sign” to ISIS and see how far it gets you.

While the Hippies of the 60’s and 70’s protested, they largely did it peacefully. NOT ANYMORE!

Today’s modern “Counter-Culture” movement is best depicted at places such as Berkeley, California. The hippies who once sat back smoked a marijuana cigarette and chanted peace, love and groovy are no longer acting out in this fashion. Today’s activist are looting, assaulting, burning, shooting, and stabbing to make their points.  

With groups such as Black Lives Matter, pick a name any name of a group funded by the Billionaire American hating George Soros, and anyone wearing a pink crocheted hat on their heads. Soros has literally a hundred or more groups that are being funded by his spider-webbed tax-free organizations because most are 501-C-3’s.  These are the kind American citizens who burned Chicago back during the primary season, destroyed office buildings, threw rocks at police officers and assaulted Trump supporters. If Chicago were a one-time incident, it would be one thing, but it wasn’t. Soros had his minions in Phoenix, New York, and dozens of other cities where the same activities transpired. 

Below is recent video from the Berkeley situation over Easter weekend (2017). The Trump supporters had finally had enough defended themselves. 

 Why is this happening? These activist are not just mere protesters fussing about high taxes, or even someone being assaulted by a police officer. These are full-blown anarchists trying to start “God Only Knows What.” 

I think the question now has to become, how did we end up with millions of young people hating our nation? Back in the 60’s and 70’s, the Hippies did not hate America. They hated what was happening in Vietnam, but they did not despise our nation as a whole. They protested and for the most part, the protests were indeed peaceful. They even held protests on the Washington Mall, and those did not get out of hand. They marched in support of Dr. Martin Luther King’s messages from earlier, and they marched to stop Nixon from bombing Cambodia. In the case of our Hippy forefathers, they marched and protested for a definitive cause, not just to randomly cause damage or harm. This group is different!

TownHall magazine published an article back in 2011 asking “why is our history being thrown out of school“? I think therein lies our answer to what is happening today. 

Like most of you, I was taught 2-years of American history in high school. I was taught government and how we came to be as a nation. I was taught patriotism by reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” every morning before class started in the first period. On top of that, (we down in the Lone Star State) took 2-semesters of Texas history as well. I can remember our history teacher vividly teaching us sacrifices our forefathers made during the Revolutionary War. He would tell us related stories of the heroics of Patrick Henry, George Washington and explain in detail how our first Congressmen had to continuously move around to evade capture and punishment by the King’s soldiers. All of this tends to create patriotism in one’s heart for their nation.

Anti-Trump-Government anarchist clash with Trump Supporters at Berkeley, California.

As a student in Texas, you took (usually in your freshman or sophomore years) a trip to the Alamo where you stood on the same spots that Bowie, Travis, and Crockett stood. You were given a tour and saw many artifacts which brought the entire story to life and all the while, you were learning patriotism. Not anymore! 

Progressivism is now teaching our children that Columbus was nothing short of Adolph Hitler because he came over and enslaved or slaughtered natives. America is being taught as evil because we go around the globe and steal precious resources from nations who cannot defend themselves. We are being taught that our great nation are monsters because we demand that everyone take up capitalism and if the country doesn’t want it, then we impose our will on said nation. In other words, our young people are being taught by Saul Alinsky type’s, everything that is wrong with the United States and nothing that is right with our country. 

Keep in mind, my parents laughed at the Hippies at Woodstock and we see what happened. In twenty years, these 22-year olds who are throwing bricks today will be 42 and be running for office. How do you feel now? 



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