Let us assume for a moment that the President does capitulate to the whining Democrats. Let us suppose for a minute that the President releases the last five years of his tax returns for the world to see. What do you think they would show or prove?

Keep in mind that five years ago, then (Mr. Trump) was contemplating a run for the White House. It was only at the last minute that he decided he would not as he was still uncomfortable with how to best handle his empire and he wanted to let his children learn a bit more about managing his holdings. In the end, he decided against the run.   

Knowing that he might run, do you honestly think he would have anything in these tax returns that could harm him? Use your brains Democrats (if you have one) and think about this. I would tend to seriously doubt that a man that is capable of amassing a fortune such as Donald Trump is going to be stupid enough to put together tax returns that could or would harm himself in the public light.

The real reason you want these returns is; you want to sift through them, find some little sliver of something that gives you ammunition to run an impeachment up the flagpole. That is what you’re after.

Donald Trump knew four years ago this would be the year he would run. I can almost stake my life on the fact that the past four or five years of tax returns are bullet proof. With that said, why don’t you guys on the left side of the aisle, tell the truth?

Since we all know the Democrats are incapable of telling the truth, I will do it for you.

As I said above, one of the primary reasons for their demanding the release of these tax returns is to find something to attack the President over in the hopes of an impeachment. The second reason is deflection. What the Democrats are attempting to do is, to paint Trump as a big time rich guy who thinks he is above the rest of the politicians who run for office. They are trying desperately to paint him as a bigot, liar, racist, homophobe or anything else they can.

The Democrats are mortally terrified of Donald Trump and for a good reason.

What happens if the Presidents foreign policy works (as it now appears to beginning to do) with China? What happens if reductions in taxes (which is now moving through Congress) appeals to the American people? What happens to the mood of the country as more and more jobs begin returning to our shores and more Americans get back to work? What happens with the American people as the flow of illegal aliens stops altogether, and more jobs are made available? What happens as our pride as a nation continues to grow, and more and more citizens are once again pleased with government and our elected officials?  

Do I really need to spell it out? The Democrats are doomed well beyond 2020 is what happens!  

You are already witnessing the change in the American spirit from doom and gloom to hopeful. The American people are once again walking with their heads held high, and their chest is sticking out. The soldiers and sailors are feeling better that they now have a Commander and Chief who is allowing the Generals to run the military rather than a bunch of idiot politicians who want to use it as a testing ground for social experiments. We are seeing it in our stock market, and we are watching as the small businesses are once again hiring and expanding.  

Aside from the fact that Trump is bringing back national enthusiasm, he is rebuilding our economy by stripping stupid regulations away where business can expand and grow. He is rebuilding our military, implementing the measures necessary to protect our borders and working on legislation that will rid America of Obamacare and high taxes. 

Combine the above with the results of these actions will have on our nation and this President is setting a precedent that the American people will not want anything less in the future. This has the Democrats petrified. 

In the end, these tax day protest demanding the Presidents returns is nothing more than a fundraising stunt for the DNC. They are in trouble, and they know it. In fact, their party is on the verge of total collapse, and I cannot say I will shed a tear. The American people have had enough of failed social policies, high taxes, socialism, and lies. 

It’s time to “Make America Great Again,” and Donald Trump is getting the job done!



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