President Trump with his national security team at the Mar-Lago situation room just before the missiles are launched at Syria.

For the past 48-72 hours, America has been subjected to thousands of opinions on hundreds of news talk show, special reports and pundit programs, regarding President Trump’s bombing in Syria. Everyone from the local political science professor at your local community college to former Ambassadors, former Secretaries of this cabinet or that cabinet position and of course a few hundred retired Generals and Colonels have weighed in. Not to mention the flurry of camera shy politicians that have offered up their politically slanted opinions.  

It’s time to cut through the political mire and give you some cold-hard facts about this raid on Syria. No political spin, no right side or left side, but the clear hard reality is what I am going to give you.

Over the past 48-hours or so, we have heard from (who we normally associate with being very conservative) Senator Rand Paul and several of his esteemed colleagues on whether this raid was even legal or not by President Trump. Senator Paul is one who regularly espouses “isolationism,” meaning; a policy of remaining apart from the affairs or interests of other groups, especially the political affairs of other countries. It seems the Senator was not pleased with President arbitrarily deciding on his own to drop the hammer on Bashar Assad (President of Syria). Paul wanted the President to grovel at the doorstep of the Senate before he decided to do this.

I often disagree with Alex Jones on some subjects. On this topic, I am in agreement with him at 90%. Alex nails it! 

The “War Powers Resolution” passed by Congress in 1973, then vetoed by President Nixon, then over-ridden by Congressional 2/3rds vote, forbids the President from engaging in wartime activities without Congressional approval and 48-hours notice, unless the United States is under attack. The resolution for all intents and purposes has largely been ignored by most Presidents since it’s inception to some degree. President Clinton went to the Baltic States and bombed for months back in the early 90’s. President Bush sent over 400,000 troops to Kuwait, then went to Congress and said: “Oh, by the way, we are invading Iraq.”

One of President Trump’s major campaign themes was “America First”! Every time he uttered this phrase in one form or another; it was met with wild cheering from enormous crowds.

Now; let’s tie all this together because you’re probably thinking I am dancing around in the weeds.

Most conservatives believe that America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. And for the most part, you would be correct in that assessment. The Bible is filled with literally or almost literally countless examples of Christians stepping in and intervening when evil is harming good. IE; Jesus stepping in front of a crowd who were about to stone a lady to death for adultery or prostitution or whatever it was. (Different Bibles have different stories about this) And of course his great teaching; “let he without sin, cast the first stone.” In other words, Jesus stopped evil from prevailing. The point being, Christianity stood up for the little guy who was helpless to defend themselves.

This is what happens when nobody stops genocide. This is an actual photo from Cambodia.

After the Vietnam War, the United States stood aside and did precious little to stop the mass genocide in Cambodia. The vicious dictator Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge slaughtered millions, and we did nothing to stop it. Then, of course, we have Hitler’s mass genocide of some 6-million Jews who were exterminated for no other reason than they were Jewish.

Former President Bill Clinton has often said that his biggest regret as President was not doing more to stop the mass genocide in Rwanda. He has stated more than once that he feels the United States could have saved over 300,000 people’s lives had he acted and intervened.


When you are the earth’s dominant superpower, and you’re going to call yourself a moral nation, then we must act accordingly. Our leaders stand, thump their chest about America’s greatness, then should we not be great? If we as a nation become “isolationist,” then does this not allow people like Assad to do their dirty deeds and in his case slaughter innocent people for no other reason than he needs them to go away? 

Barack Obama’s enabling of ISIS to grow and flourish (under his watch), has accounted for (most estimates) some 500,000 Christians to be slaughtered in the dusty streets across Iraq and Syria. The videos and stories coming out of Iraq are just too grotesque to view in most cases. Tales of ISIS soldiers decapitating an Infidel have been running rampant for years now. Videos of ISIS lining up row after row of Christians in front of ditches are simply too numerous to mention, then machine gunning them down, setting the bodies on fire, then covering up the corpses. Then to get even more graphic, YouTube is filled with videos of ISIS filling cages with Christians, then they are set afire or dropped into the ocean until their all dead from drowning.   

At what point do you put down your “isolationist” lapel pin and stand for something larger than just looking out for yourself? At what point do you stand and say “I’m better than this?” We could have stood back in Syria and done nothing. But what happens when Iran begins enabling Assad a little bit more, then Assad is convinced to launch chemical weapons at Israel? We more than likely have WWIII. At this point, we are forced to defend Israel, Russia is forced into supporting Iran and Syria, then all hell breaks loose is what happens.   

President Trump by standing firm, sending a clear message to the world; “We are the United States, we stand for humanity, we stand for what is right and good.” Trump is telling the world, the American people are good and decent people, we will not stand by and allow bad people to slaughter innocent people for political purposes.   

When President Trump witnessed the aftermath of what these horrific weapons do to people (particularly children), it gave him the courage and the will to fight for the innocent.

If you want to know if President Trump did the right thing, watch this short two-minute video clip!

Don’t Panic Patriot’s;

China will do nothing after Trump’s actions in Syria. If Kim Jong Un wants to start trouble, China now knows we will act. They will intervene to stop him if for no other reason than they don’t want to cross America. We are the principle source of income for their nation, and secondarily, they would end up with millions of North Koreans fleeing into their country, and they don’t need a refugee crisis.

Russia is going to stomp their feet, kick some dust around and call us names. In the end, Putin doesn’t want a war, and he intends to meet with Trump. The two will get together in a couple of month’s (maybe sooner), the two will work together to rid Syria of ISIS (if we haven’t done so first) and all will be good again. Russia at present has to put on a show, America will let him (to save face), and Assad is going to keep a very low profile for the foreseeable future.  

If nothing else; all of the American people should take a deep breath and say “thank-you” that God gave us a righteous man with the spine, the fortitude, the willingness and moral clarity to stand up to the world and do what is right.   

Thank you, Mr. President!  



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