Once in a blue moon, we get to witness retribution against those evil doers who actually deserve it. It has now been approximately two months ago that President Donald Trump went public with his belief that not just he was being spied on by the Obama Administration, but so were many of his campaign staffers. 

The media (meaning the communist leftist bunch) were immediately reporting that Trump was a loon, Trump was nuts, Obama is above such activity, and the purest left would never consider spying on private citizens. Guess what? Not only has it now been proven that the administration (meaning Obama’s) not only spied, but they did also tap telephones. They have outed (unmasked) folks that should never have been spied on in the first place, and they have shown the grotesque government interference into private lives that is frightening beyond belief.  

The former NSA chief Susan Rice is now the target of numerous investigations for her role in the spying and unmasking of Trump’s campaign personnel. Apparently, she could be guilty of felonies which just in the last 24-hours, the President has alluded that she might very well be. The problem for Rice is this; if she read the NSA transcripts and the conversations involved a Trump campaign employee or Trump himself having a conversation with the Russian Ambassador, then she is legally entitled to read those transcripts and possibly even let the Obama administration know who and what was said. This conversation would involve or could involve national security information. This is legal.

Will Susan Rice be willing to take the arrows to save Barack Obama? We’re about to find out.

However; if she read transcripts of Steve Bannon having a campaign conversation with the candidate and released that information to anyone, then she is guilty of a felony for using our government’s intelligence capabilities to spy on private citizens and use the information for political purposes. This (according to legal experts) is a felony.    


Have anyone noticed how quiet the former President has been? Barack Obama has all but gone underground regarding any of this wiretapping, spying, Susan Rice or Russian interference issues. As the days tick off, more and more evidence is coming to surface to prove just how idiotic Hillary Clinton’s camp charge of Russian collusion was and is. As the days continue to tick off, more and more evidence is surfacing that the Obama Administration might very well have committed felonies regarding spying on then private citizen and candidate Donald Trump and his campaign team.   

Patriots; BE PATIENT! This story now has legs. Senators Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and many more now want answers. Many Senators and House Members are calling for Congressional Investigations and they are now being put together. This issue might take a year or more to rectify, so be patient. We will have our day and I can all but guarantee you that at least one and probably several more Obama Administration staffers will be arrested and prosecuted. There will come a day (in the near future) that Susan Rice will be dragged in front of a Federal Grand Jury and Congress to testify under oath. She will throw Obama under a very large Greyhound bus to save her own skin. Obama will claim “Executive Privilege” to save his hide. Where it goes after that, I don’t know, but this I do know.   

This Administration, this Republican Senate, this Republican House wants justice for all of the abuse, the lies, and the sabotage. The Trump team ran a clean campaign and won this election. I have to believe that Bannon and the rest are very angry and they will not let this opportunity pass them by.

Hang in there patriots, our day will come. It might be 2-years down the road as these things take time and the government wheels turn slowly, but we will get there. I am personally elated as I see this unfold, my only regret is that Hillary is walking free after her crime spree.


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