Not since President Reagan has the mainstream media in this nation been so overtly hostile toward an administration. I should qualify that statement by saying “not since Reagan has the media been this hostile so early on in a new administration.”

Donald Trump began sticking his toe in the water for running back in January of 2015. Mr. Trump had flown into Des Moines, Iowa for an event being sponsored by Congressman Steve King and Citizens United. The event had around a dozen Presidential hopefuls. When it came time for Mr. Trump to speak, his speech was so successful that he managed to achieve several standing ovations from this very politically adept crowd of selected conservatives. 

The point of that story is, the next day I received a phone call from one of Mr. Trump’s Attorneys. He inquired if I would be willing to write a rebuttal story to the story that had come out in the morning addition of the New York Post. Mr. Trump’s attorney asked if I would be willing, to tell the truth about Mr. Trump’s appearance in Des Moines. After reading the Post story, it was very clear that the reporter was not in the same room I was when Mr. Trump spoke. In fact, nearly the entire story was a bogus story.

I am not familiar with how the media treated Donald Trump before his entering the political arena. The specials I watched that had Mr. Trump in them, such as with Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey and alike, always seemed to be gracious and polite. Since entering the arena of vipers, scorpions, liars, cheats, and criminals, the media has been nothing short of evil toward Donald Trump. They have manufactured stories that have almost zero validity. They have created their own versions of events, twisted his words, then their pundits have attached labels for the new President that anything but flattering.   

The various news outlets such as MSNBC have had their talking heads go out and accuse Mr. Trump of being a racist. They have labeled him a misogynist, not just a liar but a compulsive liar, a molester, a tax cheat, a woman abuser, and even made suggestions that he molested his daughter.   

The fact is, this President has endured non-stop vicious attacks since January of 2015. Almost daily, the Democrat media arm would put out false stories and fake news about Donald Trump. If there was nothing to report that indicted this man, then it was manufactured.   

To give you an idea of just how stupid the Democrat Party and this media have become; these idiots want the American people to believe that Donald Trump called up Vladimir Putin and requested that he hack Hillary’s and the Democrats emails. Then after hacking them, would you please send them over to WikiLeaks so they can release them. This is the tale the morons on the left want us to believe.   

I am pretty certain this didn’t happen for one simple reason. If Vladimir Putin had his choice of Presidents, I can assure you he would rather have had Hillary get elected. Remember it was Hillary who went to the Russian leadership with her plastic “RESET” button. Then afterward, Russia began obtaining our Uranium and invading the Crimea. Yea, they really feared Hillary and Barack Obama!

Again I ask; if you’re Vladimir Putin, who do you want for President of the United States?  

President Trump in today’s press conference made a point of telling the world, “how do you expect me to negotiate with the Russians if they believe what the American media is saying about this administration?” He has a very valid argument.  

America’s media once upon a time reported the news. They were the dogs that kept our leadership honest and reported misdeeds or crimes. They were the American citizen’s arm of honesty to keep our officials from straying too far. Not anymore~

Today; because of the lies, sensationalism, partisanship, and fake news, our media is less respected today than any used car salesman. It has gotten to the point that the media’s bias is affecting our very society. The media is causing protest and even rioting because of their false narratives about a candidate or leader.  

If the truth is known, this obvious media bias did not begin with Donald Trump. The media bias goes all the way back to just before the Reagan administration, and arguments can be made for the Vietnam War. When the great reporters Harry Reasoner, Walter Cronkite and alike began retiring, it is their replacements that started the clear biasedness, and the American people began seeing through it.    

For decades these liberal hate filled reporters, pundits and such have swayed the news, spun the news and reporters such as Katy Couric were the worst. Their subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) opinions filled with snark and sarcasm have long grated on the American people’s patience.  


Now we have a President who sees through the lies, sarcasm, and spin. This President doesn’t fear the press. In fact, he embraces the challenge and goes toe to toe with them. What we witnessed yesterday was a full-scale beatdown of the America’s media. Donald Trump called them out for what they are and don’t misunderstand, the only allies the media have on their side now are the “snowflakes” who are still weeping over Hillary’s loss.

What the “Lying Mainstream Media” fail to understand is, every untruthful and spun story they put out, “ONLY ELEVATES President Trump’s” arguments and ratings.

At this current rate of rising ratings, it is my humble opinion that President Trump’s approval ratings should come in around 98.5% sometime before the end of the year. Keep up the good work Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Katy Couric, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest; you’re doing a fabulous job! Oh my gosh, I forgot the biggest lying brown-noser of all, my apologies Matt Lauer.


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