Don’t misunderstand, what has happened with General Flynn is nothing short of a failed “Coup de Ta.” 

Anytime an owner of an NFL Team brings in a new coach; the coach will usually bring an entirely new coaching staff with him. This is done primarily because (if you don’t bring new coaches) there are always “hold-outs” from the former team who will usually sabotage the new coach because they don’t believe in the changes the new coach is bringing to the team. In other words, the new coach will undoubtedly have “rats in the woodshed” who will try and harm your authority as the new head coach. This in effect is what has happened to President Trump in his first weeks as our new Commander and Chief. 

A very simplistic explanation of what is going on, on Capitol Hill (amid the hurricane of news, fake news, rumors, and confusion) is this. 

Before Trump’s swearing in as President, General Flynn had conversations with world leaders as the new NSA Director, and this was actually legal. Someone had his phones tapped as well as his Russian contact. Apparently; someone (rumor has it, it was Clapper or Brennan) leaked these conversations to the press. They did not just leak these conversations; they also leaked the contents of the talks. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough (which it was because some of the leaks contained top-secret topics), then when the President was sworn in, they leaked Trump’s private conversations with the President of Mexico, the Prime Minister of Australia and more.

Noted author and former Congressional candidate from Maryland  KENNETH R. TIMMERMAN wrote a very interesting and insightful article for The Hill a day or so ago. In his article, he accuses the “Leakers” of nothing short of ‘sedition‘ against both the White House but America as well. 

If you’ll recall, this “Russian/Trump” fiasco began just after the elections on November the 8th. The Democrats accused Trump’s campaign of working with Vladimir Putin to “hack” Hillary’s emails, then turn the information over to Julian Assange at Wikileaks in an effort to sway the election. Putin denied the charges; Trump looked like he had no idea of what the press was even talking about. But because General Flynn was talking with the Russians, the Democrats are now trying to run the narrative that this “proves” that Trump was in bed with the Russians to subvert Hillary and the election.

Where this is all going is anyone’s guess. Many on Capitol Hill are calling for Attorney General Sessions to impanel a Grand Jury to investigate these very obvious illegal leaks. Others are calling for the FBI to launch a full-scale investigation. I do know that something very large is about to happen. This breach of national security is not going to go away, and in the end, I am betting on the fact that somewhere, somehow, Democrats are involved in this. 

Much has been tossed around in recent days about Barack Obama’s involvement in the attempted Coup that President Trump is currently experiencing. In fact; Kenneth Timmerman eluded to this in his article when he was discussing a “Shadow Government.” 

In the end, Flynn was not committing any crime in talking with the Russians. In fact, Flynn was quite legal to talk with anyone from a waitress at a nightclub all the way up to Vlad himself if he had wanted to. In my opinion where General Flynn’s great “faux pa” happened was when he “lied” to Vice-President Pence about these talks. 

The fact is, the President and Vice-President must be able to trust everyone surrounding them and in the cabinet. If there is a breach of that trust, then that staffer, that cabinet official or secretary must go. These leaders are in a position where they cannot afford to have anyone in their midst (that includes the entire White House) that is not 100% trustworthy. 

Yesterday, I wrote an article about Barack Obama, his refusal to go quietly into the night and his newest project, which is to undermine President Trump and further divide our nation. This article detailed Obama’s involvement with organizing large groups to riot, protest, file lawsuits, and cause trouble on a national scale, and who is financing these projects.  

It is my ‘never to be humble‘ opinion that we will in the coming months and years, be witness to a series of incredible events. While Donald Trump is most certainly “not politically correct,” nor is he very “politically suave in his speak,” America is going to fall in love with this President. 

Donald Trump because of his honesty, forthrightness, and lack of political talk will win the day. His improvement of our economy, the dumping and repairing of Obamacare, and lower taxes will put more money in the pockets of the American people. His unyielding patriotism and refusal to apologize for America’s greatness will also go a long way toward winning the approval of the masses. His strength of character, his powerful leadership, will continue to put Americans at ease with our safety and national security.   

Because of the above, you will continue to witness the destruction of the Democrat Party. Their petulance, whining, and pouting will continue to strip their traditional base, and you will continue to see these people flock to Republican camp and support the President.    

The American people are tired of excuses. They are done with backstabbing, lying, and protesting. The American people have had enough of these liberals cramming their agenda’s down our collective throats. Donald Trump’s leadership and house-cleaning will, in the end, win the day and our nation will be rejoicing.

The sad truth is, when the Democrats play these political games, it is the American people who suffer. If Obama wanted a grand legacy, then he should have been a better president. Coming in to sabotage the new President is not how you garner favor, nor is it how you establish a positive legacy for your tenure as the 44th President. As it stands now? The only positive legacy Obama has is; “he was the first Black President,” and the truth is, he is only half right on that part. 



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