By; Rod Eccles

In the Spring of the year, here in New England and all over the northern USA, snow melts in preparation for warmer months.  The warmer months is when just about everyone shakes off the sleep of winter and welcomes the warmth of the life-giving sun.  And that is the way it has been for eons.

But there is a change.  Yes, there is a shift in the air.  Not a change in climate.  But a change as to when and how snowflakes meltdown.

Usually, snowflakes melt down into the life-giving water.  But now they melt down and deliver not life, but destruction.

Of course, I am talking about the people who have been terrorizing our American cities, our neighborhoods, and our American streets.

These people have been given a nickname. Snowflakes. These snowflakes always seem to bring with them, destruction and disruption. Neither of which is good for a just and moral society. Being just or moral is not on their agenda.

While they claim they are standing for Democracy, they are proving how ignorant they are because they are standing, instead, for totalitarianism. You see, Snowflakes today believe that it’s their way or the highway.

You either agree with them, or you need to be punched in the face. You either stand with them or have your business vandalized or even destroyed. You either repeat their mantra or your private property such as your car will be set ablaze.

So I ask you, how is that democracy? How is that giving voice to the voiceless? How is that allowing the arena of ideas to grow and flourish?  

Obviously, Snowflakes are after only one thing.  Total and complete control. Forget what the rest of the country wants. Forget what slightly more than half of the country wants. Forget what the vast majority wants.  It is only their small minded, small minority population that counts.  

Yes, Snowflakes like the idea of the minority ruling over the majority.  

I think we are familiar with such kinds of governance.  Monarchy, Communism, Socialism, Fascism all have their roots in a small minority ruling over the vast majority, often against the will of that majority.

But when you confront a Snowflake, show them the truth.  Give them historical precedence; they call you a name or two or five.  You become their enemy that needs to be shouted down and prevented from speaking or sharing your ideas or even teaching the truth.  

They claim you are the reason our nation and the world are in such a mess and that they need a safe space from you and your kind.  

How is it that in places that are supposed to foster thoughts, ideas, debate, and study have morphed into places of human worship, liberal mindset ideology, devil worship and freedom crushing bigotry?

Ask a Snowflake, what exactly it is they are melting down about. They won’t be able to give you a cognizant answer that is profound and poignant. Their answer will be shallow and full of sound bites that mean nothing. But it sounds good to them, and it makes them feel good.  After all feelings to a Snowflake are all that matter.

So what can you do?  Help a poor Snowflake re-freeze.  Give them the truth and nothing but the truth and hope that the truth shall set them free from their mental meltdown state of ignorance and denial.  

In other words, pray.  Pray for a miracle.


Rod Eccles is the host of a fast growing syndicated radio program The Rod Eccles Show.  His latest book The Conservative Ecclesiastes is avail on  Rod can be reached at his website RodEccles.Net.

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