We always knew that Arizona Senator and failed Presidential candidate John McCain was a little on the moderate side, but apparently, he is moderate enough to attract the attention of “everyone’s favorite Communist” George Soros also. In an expose by Breitbart, it is being reported that the notorious liberal Godfather of the radicals helped to fund the campaigns of not just John McCain, but Marco Rubio, Senator Lindsey Graham, and many more liberal Republicans. 

From Breitbart;

Employees of a hedge fund founded by the king of the Institutional Left, billionaire, and Democratic Party mega-donor George Soros, donated tens of thousands of dollars to top Republicans who fought against President Donald Trump in 2016, donation records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show.

The interesting theme amongst all the donations to the “RINO’s” were they all in some fashion or another were trying to stop Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States. Names such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain (because of his vocal disdain for Trump), Marco Rubio (who at one point was a legitimate threat), Jeb Bush (who was the early “chosen one”), and low and behold, even Speaker Paul Ryan appears on Soros donation list. 

Read the full article at Breitbart here;

I am going off into the weeds now to make a point. Warning, we are now weed whacking!

By the end of the O.J. Simpson trial, pretty much everyone knew that Simpson had murdered the waiter Ron Goldman and his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. The evidence was overwhelming in that trial, but the hard truth was, Simpson’s lead council Johnny Cochran had managed to create such a firestorm in Los Angelas that everyone was terrified of another burning which they had endured during the Rodney King fiasco. In the end; Simpson walked. 

Then Ron Goldman’s father filed a civil suit (Wrongful Death) against Simpson in a trial that had much less passion, Simpson was found guilty, and now Goldman began seizing Simpson’s possession’s to “pay-off” the millions owed to the Goldman family. Even after all of that, O.J. was still a free man, walking the streets, playing golf daily and living off his NFL retirement which was quite substantial at $250,000 annually. 

Simpson not satisfied with the status quo and still feeling the sting of not feeling beloved anymore decided to “steal, borrow, reclaim” or whatever the excuse was, some of his football relics from a couple of gangster types in a Las Vegas hotel room. The gangster type’s did not appreciate this, called the cops, Simpson was arrested, stood trial for (what should have been) a rather low-level crime in a Las Vegas courtroom. This should have been something where normally with most people, the punishment would have been 6-months probation or possibly a year in the county lockup, but not O.J.

This was the Justice System’s chance to get even with the former NFL Superstar and double murderer. Basically what happened was, Simpson with a couple of thugs, walked into a hotel room in a menacing manner, took his sports memorabilia back and walked out. Charges against Simpson included not just theft of some signed footballs, but felony theft, and even kidnapping. These charges racked up 20-years in the state pen, and that is what the jury and judge gave the “JUICE.” 

The point being, while the Justice system could not nail Simpson for murder, they (yes, O.J. Simpson assisted by being stupid) ended up nailing him for other charges but got the end results they wanted, and that was Simpson behind bars where he so richly deserved to be. 

Out of the weeds now!

The point here is this, if we cannot nail Soros one way, then we need to nail him in another. We know that George Soros all but purchases elections. We are aware, because of some of his activities and the anarchism that he creates, what his goals are. We know that Soros’s dream is to see the United States crumble and we know that he will not stop until he has achieved his goal or he passes away, whichever comes first.

To give you an idea of just how dangerous this man is, consider this. All of George Soros’s anti-American activities are funded with something named “Soros Fund Management.” Soros Fund Management is a Hedgefund controlling some $28,000,000,000.00 (yes that is accurate at 28 Billion dollars) in investment wealth. In other words, he is sitting on $28 Billion dollars in CASH!

We are all familiar with MoveON.org and their thousands of sleazy attack ads they run during election cycles. This is just one of Soros’s hundreds of “non-profits” that he owns and operates. Here is a list of others that is absolutely frightening when pondering the damage he has done.

It is also widely known that the recent rash of riots beginning with the Trump campaign last year, most if not all of these have been financed by George Soros or one of his organizations. It has been reported that Soros companies would run ads in local papers, Craigslist and literally advertise for protesters. These protesters would be paid $15-20 an hour, had their meals paid and be given bus trips to the protest site. If arrested Soros lawyers took care of the charges and the protester walked free.  

America; George Soros is an enemy of the state. We all know it, and now it is time we did something about it. I think it is time we charge Mr. Soros with “Crimes against the state” and he be arrested for “insighting riots” and anything else that a sharp District Attorney can come up with.

When you have a man with the extraordinary amount of wealth that George Soros has and with the widely publicized goals that he has, this man in much more dangerous than we know. His ability to fund anarchy is unprecedented in American history. And this is exactly what he is doing, “FUNDING ANARCHY”!  

Soros is funding the destruction of private property, police cars (which we have to pay to replace), businesses, schools, homes, convenience stores and so much more. His organizations are responsible for police officers being injured, private citizens being beaten and even some cold blooded murders during some of these riots.  

George Soros, in my opinion, needs to be rooming with O.J. Simpson, then America will be a better place for all concerned. 




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