Former President Ronald Reagan once said; “There they go again,” and no quote in American history more eloquently describes our Republican Party on Capitol Hill today. From Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and from Butte, Montana to Charlotte, North Carolina, Republicans spent hundreds of millions of dollars on basically one campaign theme. Yes, there were other themes, but one continuing pledge by nearly all Republicans for the past three election cycles has been; “We Will Repeal and Replace Obamacare.” Since 2010, the GOP have vowed to rid America of this socialistic, overbearing, cost prohibitive government take-over of our once proud health care system. 

At every one of his hundreds of campaign stops, then candidate Donald Trump pledged to build a wall, and in the same breath, he vowed to stick a stake through the heart of the much hated ‘Affordable Care Act,’ that had been crammed down the throat of our American citizens.

Here is the problem and it is a very large problem indeed. Back on 2010, nearly all of the conservative (Republican) candidates, spent all their time campaigning on the evils (many of which were not yet known) of this monstrosity known as Obamacare. WE WON THE HOUSE BACK! Hallelujah, praise the heavens, we won! Then in 2012, we picked up a few more House seats and a few Senate seats. GOP nominee Former Governor Mitt Romney had even spent much of his campaign talking down Obamacare and his desire to ‘Repeal and Replace‘ the struggling system. 

The mid-term of 2014 rolled into town and “crank up the orchestra,” the Republicans took back the Senate also! 

This theoretically gave the Republicans the mandate they needed to rid our nation of this plague that was now doing severe harm to small business and most people who signed up for it unless you’re poor, then the government paid most of the tab for your health care. 

It was at this point, the GOP no longer needed a Presidential signature to get rid of the blight that America so very hated. All they had to do was; defund this horrid piece of legislation and it goes away. Did they do it? NO, they did not! What (now we had a new Speaker of the House) our new Speaker did do was to hold his share of the now mounting ‘vote-count’ legislation to get rid of the system all-together of which he knew, Congress knew, and the entire universe knew, Obama would and did veto. Over 60 times, the House has passed a bill to send to the President to strike down Obamacare, and over 60-times, the President did just that.

This way, the House members could go home and campaign on; “We’re trying, we are trying to get rid of Obamacare, but this President won’t let us do it,” without actually doing anything to get rid of the bill. Make sense? In other words, the House could vote (make themselves look good) to kill the law, but all the while knowing the President would not kill the law. This way, they could keep covering themselves with the voters.

Once again, in 2016, we have a new Congress of which they all campaigned on (along with the new President) to scrap Obamacare. Never mind that the American people are being crushed with this law. Most families in this nation who are part of it (and many who are not, but are victims anyway for a litany of reasons) are once again seeing their premiums rise, their deductibles rise, their coverage reduced and they have still not been able to work full time because of the law.

To make this even more frightening for the average American, we now have Republican Senators and even some House members who are once again balking at keeping their promises.

Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee is now backtracking on his pledge to scrap Obamacare. He is now saying, maybe we just keep it, but change a few parts of it. Utah Senator Orin Hatch is saying he could go either way and we have House members who are making excuses saying it would hurt many people to just “get rid of it.”

So what is the real problem here? Why the cold feet at the altar for these politico’s? Why has their spine collapsed so quickly?

Simply stated; They have lost their will to strike down a government giveaway program!

The Republicans are listening to the media tell the world that “20-million” people will be without healthcare and these politicians listen to their advisers who tell them they “might lose” in the next election if they vote against it. In other words patriots; WE HAVE A BUNCH OF WEAK KNEED, COWARDLY, AND SMARMY LIARS FOR REPRESENTATIVES! Even Speaker Paul Ryan is now beginning to back up a little on striking down this law by making budget excuses as to why it has to remain in effect for a bit longer.

The SOLUTION for the OBAMACARE problem!

  1. Strike down the law! Scrap it, repeal it, and throw it in the ash bin of history.
  2. Open up Insurance sales for all companies to be able to sell across state lines.
  3. Open up Medicare for all of America who meets at least one the following criteria. A. Three Insurance companies must have rejected you for a pre-existing condition. B. You’re poor and cannot afford to purchase over the counter or don’t have insurance available at work.
  4. Everyone pay’s something to Medicare. Social Security can simply adjust a sliding pay scale for the coverage. Medicare opens up parts A, B, and D (the drug portion) and everyone pay’s something. If you’re higher income, you might pay $300 a month for the coverage. If you’re limited income, then you might only $20 a month, but the point is, it is not free but is very fairly priced.

Leave in place the laws that say’s children can remain on their parents until 25 or they graduate college or something of that nature, but overall, the entire damned thing is scrapped. The above was the simplest answer, but Obama’s intentions were not to cover America, they were to take over and expand government. That was the real goal. The real goal was to enslave the American people to the government further.

One thing is for certain, if the GOP fails in the next couple of months to strike down this monster, you can bank on them losing in the next mid-term. We will lose the Senate, we will lose dozens of House seats, and we will lose the White House in the next election. Take it to the bank GOP; it is FDIC insured; the above will happen with certainty.  

Patriots; It is time to start calling. First thing Monday morning (unless you have your Congressman’s cell number), start calling Capitol Hill. It is time to melt the phones down and give these weak-kneed jerks some spine. They need to put together their panel of experts and come up with a viable, free market decision about this and I do mean NOW!

I did not work (just as you didn’t) for the past 8-years to win back the House, Senate, and White House, only to give away because our side is too damned afraid to get rid of a government welfare program. This is exactly what is happening, another government program and the conservatives are caving to the liberals even though they hold all the power. Once again, our side is stupid and their side is brilliant. 



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