Had Acting Attorney General followed the law in lieu of her political agenda, she probably could have kept her job.

Via; The Huffington Post

Sally Yates took a stand for something she believed in, and one of her fellow Americans thanked her by nominating her for a prestigious award for public officials.

President Donald Trump fired the former acting attorney general on Monday night for refusing to defend his recent executive order suspending refugee resettlement and banning entry of individuals from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Yates was fired after she advised Justice Department lawyers also not to defend Trump’s executive order. She wrote them a letter saying she wasn’t “convinced that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities, nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful.”

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Personally speaking, these are my thoughts on this matter. 

President Trump has many agencies with many employees that were either appointed or hired by Barack Obama. This action by Sally Yates was probably to be expected. My issue with this is this; Sally Yates represented the Attorney General’s office which is to be non-partisan. It doesn’t make a rat’s butt what she wanted to do politically; she should have made the call to defend the President’s Executive Order as it was a lawful order and she knew it. Had Yates done this, she probably could have kept her job in the long run. She chose ideology over legality.

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