Your heart has to go out to Huma and her son. Some men just never grow up!

Disgraced estranged husband of Hillary’s gal pal and personal aide Huma Abedin may now be officially in very hot water. In this news article from the New York Post, it seems the Fed’s are now pressing for charges of “Child Pornography” against Anthony Weiner

Via; New York Post

The feds are considering a hefty child pornography charge against disgraced ex-pol Anthony Weiner that could send him to prison for at least 15 years, law-enforcement sources told The Post on Tuesday.

Weiner has been under investigation since a report last year revealed that he had exchanged lewd messages with an underage girl in North Carolina.

His lawyers have been meeting with Manhattan federal prosecutors in a bid to minimize his potential punishment, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

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I can overlook a lot of things in this world. I can look the other way when the terrorist named Abdul is raping a goat. I had looked the other way when Steve French kissed Larry. Was I “weirded out”? Yes, but I sucked it up, looked away, then walked away. 

NOT THIS! I draw the line at anything to do with children. I realize that sometimes men get in trouble with “late-teens” (IE: 17 or so) might get in trouble occasionally, simply because of a 17-year-old can and will at times, make themselves up to look 22 or 23 to sneak into a club. And, sadly, they can pull it off, particularly after the fellow has a couple of beers. That is one thing, but apparently, Mr. Weiner has been messing with much, much younger children. 

If the Fed’s prove this to be the case, then I have zero sympathies for Carlos Danger and his perverted and sick lifestyle. One item I am curious about are these allegations regarding Huma, Hillary, John Podesta, Weiner and apparently many more, regarding Pizza-Gate. I am wondering if any of this on Weiner’s laptop has to do with that.    

The rumors were (just before the election) that Podesta and his clan were involved in some sort of Satanic rituals using the code words Pizza, cheese and more and revolved around a Pizza cafe named Comet Pizza. The rumors began swirling when WikiLeaks released thousands of emails from and to Podesta with the “code-talk” (this according to child porn experts) included within the emails. Rumors also were that Huma and Weiner’s laptops were the recipients of some of these hacked emails.     

In the end, this is America, and I will withhold most of my scathing commentary until after Weiner is convicted if he is in fact charged and put on trial. I will only say this, “if the Feds are correct” and they do have enough evidence, then I say, “throw the book” at him.

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