Look no further than the ‘Sanctuary City‘ issue to know that “Liberal Ideology is Anarchy and NEEDS to be ERADICATED!”

About 3 1/2 minutes into this video, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh makes the statement that “undocumented immigrants are automatically assumed to have broken the law, and that simply is not the case.” 

America’s entire ‘sanctuary city‘ issue can be summed up in that one statement, along with much of the rest of the mentally deranged thinking of the average liberal idealogue. 

Note to Marty Walsh and the rest of the Mayor’s who are subverting the law; let us throw the PC language in the trash bin and speak the truth here. An “undocumented immigrant is actually a felon by definition, and they are in truth known as illegal aliens!” These are not people who got off an airplane and “forgot” to stop by our Homeland Security department and fill out their paperwork. These are individuals who paddled their way across the Gulf of Mexico and snuck in on a deserted beach in South Florida, or they swam the Rio Grande River or walked across the desert in Southern Arizona. These are people who willfully broke the law to enter a foreign nation and then attempted to “hide” until their friends could get them jobs at the local car wash or Motel 6.

In this “OPINION ARTICLE TODAY“; I am going to hit this issue straight between the eyes. There is not going to be any political correctness, and it is not going to be a ‘soft and fuzzy‘ type of article. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 

The cold-hard-truth is, liberals want these ‘illegal aliens’ in America for two reasons, maybe three. They ‘DO NOT WANT THEM HERE FOR HUMANITARIAN REASONS AT ALL’!

The liberal ideologues want them in America for cheap labor! Proof in point, look no further than Phoenix, Arizona. There are a hundred private construction firms in Phoenix and the surrounding valley. Many homes in Phoenix have the cinder block walls surrounding the yards of the homes in the valley. A union bricklayer in Phoenix will earn, way north of $20.00 an hour plus benefits. Julio who came across the border last month lays the brick for $8.00 an hour plus no benefits. If you own the masonry company, who builds brick walls, who are you employing? 

Many homes in Arizona have “cinder block fencing”. While there are many styles one thing is constant. Most are built with cheap illegal labor.

They vote, and vote, and vote! It is widely known that Hispanics vote Democrat primarily. Why? Because it is the Democrats who allow them to stay illegal, not pay thousands of dollars to the government to become legal, then on top of that they receive all their food stamp cards and welfare payments simply for showing up.

Hispanics (err; illegal aliens when applicable) breed like bunny rabbits. O.K., I know it sounds terrible, but it is the truth. Hispanics are 99% Catholic, and the Catholic faith doesn’t use birth control, they use the “rhythm method” for birth control. We all know how well this works out in the long run.

The above are the reasons the liberals want the Hispanics here. Before you scream, one further example that I happen to know for a fact is true. Back in the 1980’s, the largest beef producer in the United States was a company named Monfort Beef and they were headquartered in Greeley, Colorado. Kenny Monfort and his brother Dick owned feedlots across Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Texas and more states. They fed hundreds of thousands of head of feeder cattle on a daily basis and would ship these cattle (once finished) to several of their massive packing houses in Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Colorado.

At that time, Monfort held the contracts for Hunt’s Point New York which feeds New York City, New Jersey and many other areas surrounding. Now you have an idea of just how large this company was.

MOST OF MONFORTS LABOR FORCE WAS ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM MEXICO in their packing houses, feeding cattle, caring for animals and general labor. You wonder “why” Kenny was never prosecuted? I don’t know either, but he wasn’t as far as I know. Monfort used illegal labor because it was cheap, that is the bottom line. Now, let’s discuss Muslims!

So why the rush to accept all of these Muslim’s from Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and Iraq? The only logical explanation for this is CAIR. The Muslim lobbying group which has infiltrated our upper levels of government. The Council for American-Islamic Relations is nothing more than a shill lobbying group for the Muslim Brotherhood, and I am still wondering “why they are allowed” in the United States? If someone can get a note to President Trump, tell him “put CAIR and all their employees on the DEPORTATION LIST” as soon as possible. 

Here are the facts regarding (and no, this also will not be politically correct) these Muslims from these nations as mentioned above. 

  1. In these countries, Christians run for their lives. Nobody is offering them any asylum! Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered over the past 5-10 years in these nations at the hands of ISIS, and our government did NOTHING to save them. WHY? Where was CAIR, Obama, Hillary or our Marines when this genocide was transpiring?
  2. Again, they want these refugees (the Democrats) because immediately upon arrival, they receive thousands of dollars in benefits. Theoretically, they too become good little Democrats and support the cause after they are signed up to receive thousands of dollars a month in their new mailboxes which are attached to their free government housing.
  3. Lastly; The Democrats and the liberal ideology is; “Can’t we all just get along? If I show you love, pay you, you will like me more.” Examing that ill-informed and stupid train of thought, let us ponder this for a moment. In the Muslim Holy Book known as the Koran, the good little Muslims are taught some 106 times by their savior “Mohammed” to “KILL BY BURNING, DROWNING OR DECAPITATING THE HEADS OF INFIDELS”! Would you like to guess what you are, if you’re not Muslim? Cha-Ching, you got it, you’re now officially an Infidel. This means you are subject to being blown up, drowned, burned alive, decapitated and any other form of barbarism these animals can think of to eradicate you from planet earth. PS; Don’t dare eat pork in front of one them, you will be reported and probably fired for doing so.  

President Donald Trump has been taught the “TRUTH” regarding what it is these people actually want by coming to our nation. No, not all are terrorist, but some are and that in and of itself is reasoning enough to do some severe background investigating before “ANYONE” is let in. The President is currently calling this “Extreme-Vetting.”

Yes, I know that our nation was built on immigrants. I am acutely aware of our history, all the way back to the Vikings visiting our Northern reaches. I am also fully aware that for 100-years, immigrants came through Ellis Island. At Ellis, they were health-checked, background checked, quizzed about why they came and vetted properly that they actually wanted to become Americans. Today that is no longer being done.

The fact is also; these Mayor’s are breaking the law! They all took oaths to support and defend our Constitution, and that means “adhering to the damned law”! Our immigration policies and laws currently on the books were created and voted on by the Congress of the United States and signed by a President. It is the jobs of these Governors and Mayors to enforce the law, not just arbitrarily break the law based upon political ideology.

It is time to arrest these Mayors, Governors, and anyone else who doesn’t want to support and defend our Constitution and is willfully breaking the law.

House them in your City Hall Mayor Walsh, but do so knowing you’re going to jail for interfering and aiding in the commission of a felony. The same goes for San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia and all the rest.

I do want to add here, while the Hispanics are technically felons and law breakers, I do not fear them like I do the Muslims who I know hate me before they ever arrived. The majority of the Hispanic population “deeply desires” to become Americans, they simply have trouble raising the enormous amount of money it cost to do so. Each person will cost around $2,000 to become legal after all your fees, legal expenses etc. are paid. To arrive from Mexico with that sort of money in their pocket is virtually impossible. We do need to retool that end of this issue. 

Now; let’s all get out there and start arresting these rogue Mayors, Governors and anyone else who supports criminal behavior. 

The history of the Tea Party along with “how” the rebels will be making the Tea Party the most powerful political power brokers in America in the coming years.


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