If I search my scalp, I can probably still find the ‘goose-egg’ left by father’s class ring. I was 12-years-old when I walked onto the elevator at the famed Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. I was donned in jeans, a coat (it was winter), boots and my favorite cowboy hat. No sooner than the elevator door had shut, my dad knocked my hat off my head and then “thumped” me with his darned ring leaving a growing lump on my young noggin. Protesting his painful act, he then inquired if I wanted another one!

I had received my ‘goose-egg’ because I had dared to walk onto the elevator while wearing my hat “indoors.” This is how I learned proper hat decorum back in the 1970’s. It would be a couple of years later that I learned respect for ladies when my grandfather literally “punched” me out, leaving me sprawled on his living room floor for “sassing” my grandmother. I was 16-years-old when this happened.  

Were these painful and hard lessons? Yes, they were. In today’s climate in America, these two men would probably be arrested for child abuse. Growing up in West Central-Texas, we learned to open doors for ladies, pull chairs at a table for a girl. We learned (for me it was painful), one doesn’t curse in front of a woman, and we learned not to wear our hats inside an office or building. My shins still hold my lessons from my mother regarding table etiquette. My God, how I hated those pointed toed high heels that the ladies wore back in the 1960’s. They do leave an impression when you’re kicked under the table for not sitting up properly in a restaurant. 

Not to be a whiner, but I can still remember the sting of the paddle from when I chewed gum in my 7th grade English class, and Mrs. Wilson was quick to make sure I didn’t make that mistake again. O.K., so what is the point here?  

Have you looked at “who is comprising” most of the crowds at these “peaceful protest” when a cop shoots a criminal or in the case from this past weekend, disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters?

Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, and many more cities have been the recent victims of “Peaceful Protest”.

The biggest percentage of the protesters are 20-30 ‘somethings’ with a terrible attitude and very limited English language articulation. They are (for the most part) unable to voice their opinions on camera without using a string of words with more than 4-letters. They are rude, they are crude, and they are emblematic of everything that is wrong with our nation.  

One more example of “how differently we are raised in America today” from ‘back in the good-old-days.’ I cannot honestly remember what it was I wanted, but my father told me to go “get a job” if I wanted it that badly. I was 13-years-old at the time and had a little Kawasaki motorcycle. I think it was maybe 100cc or something of that nature. I rode that little motorbike into town every day for the entire summer. I had landed me a job at the old JB Heath Feed Store in Valley Mills, Texas. My pay? I earned .75 cents an hour. I was 5′-6″ tall and weighed a whopping 125 pounds back then. The building was aluminum, and the hot Texas sun would broil you in that warehouse with feed sacks stacked from floor to ceiling. My job was to load ranchers trucks with 100-lb sacks of horse or cattle feed. The salt blocks weighed 50-lbs each as did the hay bails if not more. I did this from 7:00 AM each day until 5:00 PM, then I would ride my bike back to the ranch.

I then had to tend to our 100 cows with their calves. I had to count them each day, feed them and inspect them for sickness or injury. About 6:30 PM, I got eat dinner and watched a television program, or I would swim.    

Today, in our nation, children are not national pride. Before our school beginning each day, we said the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the flag. The Principal came over the intercom and gave our morning prayer to the school, not anymore. Can you see the difference today? Our younger generations have lost all respect for our nation, primarily because they were never taught any national pride. Our youth today has zero respect for other people’s property or rights as citizens.

The best adage I can think of at 3:00 AM for this is; if one wants to get into excellent physical condition, it hurts. Those 100 situps are not pleasant. Running for 5-miles is not easy to do if you are just getting started on jogging. Today in our country, children and most people expect everything to be easy. The people are not willing to put forth the effort to achieve anything they can be proud of. Why work hard, save my money when I can simply get myself a lawyer and convince a Judge that I suffer from ADHD or something of that nature and I can get a check each month from Social Security for being disabled.    

Do not misunderstand, we have forces very active in our nation today who will divide this country down the center, and they are trying desperately to start a Civil War. George Soros has been linked to all of the code-pink and anarchist rallies from this past weekend. I’m still uncertain of what these millions of angry women were rioting for, but I am sure it was some sort of good cause. However; with that said, we had an election, the American people voted, and Donald Trump is our President. Get over it!

The sad fact is; they won’t get over it. They don’t want to get over it. They want to keep it fresh in the minds of all Americans. We will continue to see these flash mob riots for the next 4-8 years because this is what Soros and the left wants. Our young people will keep throwing bricks through windows as they torch police cars because they have no respect for authority, for hard work and they certainly have not ever been taught decency.

We have a culture war now between traditional values, decency, morality and near total anarchism. The youth today want to be taken care of. They don’t want to repay their college loans, and they demand that they are allowed to smoke pot on the capital’s lawn. They have no work ethic, and they have a near disdain for authority or tradition. It doesn’t seem to matter what race they are. They are all the same.

The fires and flames will continue to be stoked by racism from groups such as Black Lives Matter, La Raza, and the Black Panthers. These groups will continue to be funded by over 50 radical organizations owned by George Soros.

The fact is, George Soros needs to be arrested for inciting violence, inciting rioting and be viewed as a serious threat to our nation. Secondly; we need to retool our education system where we once again teach patriotism, core morality values, and our parents need to be teaching basic etiquette. If this means passing laws where we are once again are allowed to spank our children, then so be it.

The history of the Tea Party along with “how” the rebels will be making the Tea Party the most powerful political power brokers in America in the coming years.


Want to find out “where” the Tea Party is going? Thought it was dead? The Tea Party today has some 40-million members and they just elected Donald Trump as President. Find out how this Godzilla of grassroots activism is going to control our government for decades to come. Order your copy today! Click on the book to get your copy. 


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