Howdy Patriots; 

Welcome to Crows Nest first ever newsletter. I have been pondering doing a newsletter for some time now and to be perfectly honest with you, I am not even sure exactly “what I would put in one.” With that said, we can explore together as I traverse this new experience and hopefully, you will stick with me until I have mastered the fine art of sharing via a newsletter.

I am sharing this today with the world, but after this one, you will need to drop by the website, say “howdy” and sign up to receive them after this one. It’s not a big deal to do so, just drop in, spread some love, leave your email address and you too can be brought up to speed with the Crows Nest newsletter. I am not going to ever “sell” your email address or give it away to some liberal pundit to pick on your brand of politics.

With all of that out of the way, let’s jump into the deep end!

DONALD TRUMP swears and say’s “I-DO.”

Next week is the big week my brothers and sisters. Next week is the culmination of some 8-long years of hard work to rid our nation of an ideologically driven, narcissistic ego-maniac. Next week we get the payoff for all of that hard work as we watch the golden-haired comb over swear his allegiance to the Constitution and “wed” our nation with an I-do as our newest fearless leader.  

For those of us who are “NOT” attending the festivities, let me be the first to say, “you’re a very lucky patriot.”  I am typically NOT a fear monger, but this inauguration is setting up to be an event with the potential for some things, which we have never before seen in our nation. So far, the round (oh heck let us be honest here, he is morbidly obese) documentary film producer Michael Moore has said he is bringing hundreds of thousands to the swearing in. Along with him comes Code-Pink, Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers, and I am pretty sure, several more groups will jump on the buses as well. 

This is what a portion of 1.8 million looks like from the Capitol. How do you control a crowd this size, when someone wants to seriously cause trouble?

Looking at this through clear lenses, here is what we have. On this side of the fences, we have hundreds of thousands of flag-waving, happy and jubilant people who are celebrating a dark chapter in our history leaving us. On the other side of the fence, we have hundreds of thousands of disgruntled folks who came for no other reason than to start trouble. In the middle, we have some very nervous law enforcement and national guardsmen. This to me is a recipe for disaster. 

Forget the millions of people crammed into a small area, of which half do not like the other half. Forget the $600-and up a night hotel rooms, forget the overpriced plane tickets, and forget the potential for really crappy weather. I am afraid that if one of the morons on the other side brings a gun and torches off one shell, all hell breaks lose and then we have a severe issue transpiring.

For Those Who Are Attending; 

  1. Stay near something sturdy such as a tree, a large trash container, a corner of a building or something of this nature. 
  2. Be aware of everyone around you. Spend a couple of minutes observing them. If you are uncomfortable, try and move to another location. Pay attention to those who may look a bit odd or that should not be there. Meaning, if you are in a crowd and everyone is waving the flag, wearing “Make America Great Again” ballcaps, you’re probably in good company. 
  3. If you do hear a bang, assume the worst and get behind something that puts the “sound of the bang” on the other side of the object you’re behind. 
  4. If you see someone reaching into their coat and pulling out what appears to a gun, don’t be a hero unless you’re ready to truly be a hero. If you’re a martial arts expert, then fine, take care of business. If you’re not, then scream “gun” and yell for the police. Realize that if you yell gun, it will cause a panic, make sure that person was indeed pulling out a gun to use it. People will panic, run and all the rest, but you will have probably saved someone’s life.

I honestly am not trying to be a negative Nellie here. I am a realist. There are going to be 10,000 law enforcement on the streets. There are going to be over 2,000,000 lovers and haters of Donald Trump in very close proximity to each other. The agitators have gone to Washington for the specific purpose of disruption, protesting and causing trouble to stop the inauguration. Anything can happen, that is the bottom line.

Meet Me in Moscow;

Oh o.k., maybe not the best gear shifting intro I could have thought of. Then again, I could make a wise-crack about Moscow, Idaho but those are nice folks, so, I will behave myself.

No, I am fussing about Senator John McCain’s and Senator Lindsey Graham’s visit to the Baltic last week. These guys show up, make promises to the NATO states near Russia, and now we have sent troops and hardware in. It seems that B.H.Obama has sent some 2,500 troops and a bit of hardware to the region to send love over to the area of Northern Germany in a show of force.

Photo courtesy of Rueters

John McCain meeting with the Ukrainian President. Now we are sending troops to the area?

Patriot’s; here is the deal in a nutshell. In the first place, if Russia wanted to invade Northern Germany, they are going to send a minimum of 250,000 troops to the area with enough firepower to blow half of Europe off the map. Do you really think that 2,500 shivering cold Americans and a few tanks is going to slow Vladimir Putin down? Do you really believe that he is afraid now and saying, “Oh my” I had better get out of the Crimea? Not a chance on either account.

This is more weak bluster from a failed President who cannot even sit on his thumb correctly. I am just very thankful that Putin is an intelligent leader who can see through “our Boy’s” crappy tactics and reckless and moronic displays of foreign policy. January 20, 2017, cannot come soon enough, then we can be rid of pantyhose wearing trog who can’t find his ass with both hands.

If you thought this was the slightest bit entertaining, then please join (it’s free) Crow’s Nest Politics. I will be writing these at least once, maybe twice a month. This was my first shot at a newsletter, so be patient. I can be funny when need be and I think I will be more caustic in the next attempt and of course add a dash of sarcasm to my witty Texas humor. Until next time! 



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