Many years ago, I played football in high school. Afterward, I rode bulls in an attempt to earn a living (not very successfully). Afterward, I got into rodeo production and promotion. I gave you a quick sports resume because, along the way, I was privileged to get to know many coaches (some very successful), World Champions in many rodeo events and even some NFL Hall of Fame football players.

It is common knowledge that successful athletes and coaches have one unifying message when instructing younger upstarts. The one common theme they all teach is; “Leave It All On the Field“!

When I look at this election and all that has happened, like most people, I’m saying; “there ain’t never been anything like it.” Through it all, the patriot’s, Trumpsters and everyone supporting The Donald have stood tall.

In the face of negative press, in the face of other candidates slandering, friends insulting you, and even family wars, you have remained steadfast and held your ground.

Without a doubt, our candidate gave us heartburn. I am the first to admit, I questioned his judgment at times and honestly thought that maybe he should even pack it in. When this happened, I called other faithful friends who were Trump supporters, and they would talk me off the ledge. Like most of you, yes, I got angry at times, then I became depressed, then I was elated on other occasions. To say, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride is an understatement.

One thing that truly impressed me about this campaign was the passion involved. On some levels, yes, it was depressing when patriot’s (who considered themselves conservative) absolutely refused to support the nominee. I suppose the biggest problem for me was; the candidate won with margins and numbers never before seen and then our guys are trying to sabotage him? Heartbreaking!

Then I would see several ladies I know working into the wee hours of the morning (even though they had to work the next day) on Twitter and Facebook fighting for Mr. Trump whenever he would be attacked.

The Trump supporters were and are tough, resilient, knowledgeable on the issues, and most even knew the candidates positions on the issues. You fought valiantly Trumpsters.


It is now up to America to decide our fate. I know all the arguments, and we all did our part to educate the voters across this country. We knocked doors, made the phone calls and in my case wrote the articles in addition to all the other efforts. The rest is left up to the American voter. You left it on the field; you did your best!

Enthusiastic Trump Volunteers in Orlando, Florida

Enthusiastic Trump Volunteers in Orlando, Florida

Could Mr. Trump have done some things differently? Absolutely without question. Did he make some mistakes? Yes, he did! Could he personally have tried harder? Not really unless you consider being a little more subdued at times.

Donald Trump’s campaign whether he wins or loses will be critiqued for decades to come. In the coming years, it will be dissected in Poly Sci classes across this nation for literally a hundred years. It will either become the new standard if he wins, or it will become the laughing stock for all of political history of “what not to do.”

Trumpsters; stand tall, be proud of what you accomplished. The fact is, you did something that nobody in the world of political guru’s thought possible. If you’ll remember, in the early days, everyone thought his campaign was a joke. Look at how far you traveled!


Sometime in the wee of hours of the morning, we will have a winner. Prayerfully, we know by 10:00 pm Central Time as it will be a blowout for Trump. The bottom line is, by tomorrow morning, we should have a new President.

If it is Trump, then party on Trumpsters. If it is not, don’t panic. The sun will rise in the morning, and we will still have a nation. Yes, Hillary will try to pull some shenanigans. Between mainstream Republicans and the Tea Party, we will be holding the House and Senate’s feet to the fire to stop her. If you will all remember, for years we thought Obama was on the verge of martial law, seizing guns, storming our homes and turning us over to the United Nations guys in the blue helmets. None of that ever happened. This won’t either!

This is America! In our country, after we have a peaceful transfer of power, we have laws, rules on etiquette, procedures and such that we adhere too. Hillary will be no different (if she wins).

Don’t be packing up and relocating to Fiji. Don’t be jumping from any windows and don’t be calling your friend at 3:00 AM threatening suicide either. We will survive.

After the first of the year, I am dusting off “Tea Party of America“. I am reforming it as a 527 Super-PAC. We will be using this Super-PAC to apply the needed persuasion to these Congressional groups and individuals. With your support, we will become the most powerful grassroots pressure group in this country.

Keep smiling, and remember, the sun will rise in the morning whether we win, lose or draw. You all have nothing to be ashamed of. You fought a great fight, and now it is out of your hands. Let’s let God do his thing and hopefully he will answer our prayer in a very positive manner. Lastly; We are all Americans. Though we may fight about who our leader is, in the end, we have the greatest system in the world for electing our leader. We should all work together to nourish and protect our nation.

God bless each of you patriots! You’re truly the best!

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