Watching Donald Trump campaign for President has almost become something of what it is like looking at a drunk trying to walk the straight line for the police officer during a roadside sobriety test. Every step the driver takes is a stumbling misstep. To be even more candid, it is has become something akin to watching a Greek tragedy on steroids.

For months now, I wake up, flip on the news and low and behold, it is a brand new Donald Trump scandal of some sort. Whether it is Donald telling one of his supporters to “punch someone in the face” or he is telling some mother “to get their baby out of here,” it is something. Yesterday’s scandal brought a twisting of his statements in support of the NRA,  the gun owners, and his followers doing “whatever is necessary” to protect our cherished 2nd Amendment and Hillary. Of course, the media ruined what he said, or they twisted it or spun it or did whatever they do.

This is sort of like the guy sticking his hand in a small box with a scorpion and expecting not to get stung. Then asking “why did I get stung“? Answer; because that is what scorpions do, they sting you!

This is a Presidential race, and I am sick and tired of Republicans, Conservatives, the Tea Party and everyone else whinging and whining about the media.

They are scorpions; they sting, and they bite because that is what they do! This is a Presidential race, this is the game of games, and these are the big boy professionals, they are supposed to know how to handle corrupt media.

The problem here is not the media; the problem is a rogue candidate who will not shut up and listen to his campaign team. “We must let Trump be Trump” was the sign on the wall at Trump Tower. I decry; “BULL-FERTILIZER!

Those on the far-right love the brashness, the in-your-face style of campaigning. They think this is (to borrow teenage lingo) really cool stuff. Most conservatives hate Rosie O’Donnell, so they thought it was Oscar-winning material when Trump stood on stage and called her out for being a pig. My fellow conservatives were willing to give Trump an Emmy for calling out Fox News’s Megyn Kelly by telling the world she had blood pouring out her body orifices.

Here is the problem “boys and girls”!

Donald Trump is a master at branding and marketing. On this, we can all agree. With that said, then tell me what he has accomplished in this campaign so far? You would be correct; “Trump has accomplished branding himself as a rogue, renegade who will say anything, do anything and on top of that he is a hot-head who cannot be controlled”.

It was the “I hate Washington and everyone inside the Beltway” that won Trump the nomination. With the United States Congress having an approval rating in the low teens and some cases single digits, and Trump’s “I’m going to turn Washington upside down” rhetoric, it is no wonder he won the nomination in a landslide. I could have won if I had the money, the jet plane, and some nice suits.

Over six (6) months ago, I wrote several op-eds about how Mr. Trump needed to start transitioning from primary renegade cowboy to a more presidential sounding and acting candidate. I wrote that he needed to stop with the inflammatory statements, transition to a more polished demeanor, measure his statements, and choose his words more carefully. I said this because I knew that at some point, the voting public would begin looking at him through “different lenses.” At some point, the general populace wants a president, not Rambo in a custom made suit with a Chinese silk tie.

His acceptance speech at the RNC Convention was perfect. His demeanor was authoritative, measured; his statements were perfectly crafted, and his delivery was even spot-on. So what happened? This was supposed to be the transition point. How did we go from President Trump to John Wayne-Bull in the China shop Trump again?

The gravity of what I am saying here can be found in a news report being put out by the Washington Post today. Some 75 leading Republicans are now calling on GOP Chairman Reince Priebus to pull the RNC’s funding of the Trump campaign and invest that money in down-ballot races at the House and Senate level.

This latest Coup-De-Tat is on the heals of the 50 very prominent Republicans who signed a letter stating that Donald Trump is neither tempered enough nor fit and sane enough to be President and would pose a national security threat if he were to become President.

Excuses will be made, and my brethren will say, “Trump is telling the truth, and the liberal Republicans cannot handle that” or Trump is breaking up the establishment, and they are dying, that is why they did that. Some or maybe a little of that is true, but the fact remains, people are now asking questions, and it is very important people asking vital questions. Some are even foreign leaders wondering about their status as an ally of the United States.

Folks, when you have a nominee speaking, the world listens. When that candidate say’s “he is going to make NATO do this or China do that,” you had better listen carefully to what they’re saying. This is what has gotten Trump into trouble, Trump won’t listen, Trump won’t learn and worst of all, Trump doesn’t seem to care about those SCOTUS Jurist near as much as he wants us to believe he does.

Am I angry? Absolutely! I am livid at Mr. Donald J. Trump. I am livid because this is my nation he is screwing with. I am livid because of those 3 or 4 Jurist he or someone will appoint. I am livid because now that Hillary is president, I know that we will most likely economically collapse because of our debt load as a nation. I am livid because conservatism as we once knew it, will probably be eradicated and socialism will be the new governing body of the day.

With Hillary’s approval numbers being what they are and with the Senate holding hearings, and with Wikileaks, the FBI report, this election should have been a cake-walk. Hillary should be down by 30 points at the time in the game.

At this rate, Donald Trump is going to go from being a much-loved celebrity to one of the most reviled men in America if he doesn’t win this. He will because we will know that his arrogance and ego threw it all away. Yes, I was one of the first ardent Trump supporters, and I feel very let down, angry, frustrated and so much more.

There comes a point in time when it is best just to cut the throat rather than die from a thousand paper cuts.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.


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