It seems nothing has divided more families, friendships, office relationships, hunting buddies or the martini drinking happy hour goers over the past 8 months than this very contentious Republican primary season. There have not been these many divisions amongst Americans since the Vietnam war altercations around the family dining table.

On this side, you have the constitutional conservatives who only support the ideological purity of a candidate who in every breath say’s something constitutional. This is only made better when the rhetoric being espoused promises to “strike down” every Executive Order going back to the Herbert Hoover administration.

Let us take a hard look at this situation and possibly mend some fences. Consider this an olive branch to the #NeverTrump contingent, the Ted Cruz supporters, the Rand Paul family and all those that cannot seem to get past “The Donald’s” rather unorthodox campaigning style. I almost forgot, we can’t forget those that seem to think; Donald Trump is not near conservative enough for me, I think I’ll stay home factions.

We will break this down by first saying this; If Donald Trump loses this election to Hillary Clinton, you will no longer have to worry about voting in the future. You will now have your Sal Alinsky style of nation. We are so precariously close to economic implosion now, it is truly frightening and she will no doubt finish off what Barack Obama started. Lest you think you are punishing the GOP by not voting for the nominee, you are not, you are punishing an entire nation including my children and grandchildren. Enough said you get the idea.

Supreme Court;

The argument from the Cruz Crew is that Donald Trump would only appoint a very liberal, pro-abortion judge to sit on the Supreme Court. Yes, Donald has stated that he thought his sister Maryanne Trump Barry would make a phenomenal justice for SCOTUS. Trump has also said repeatedly that he would not appoint his sister to the bench. As for the pro-abortion leanings of Justice Barry (who is currently on the Appeals Court and was originally appointed by Ronald Reagan to be a Circuit Court Judge in 1983), I would submit that you read this article about Mr. Trump’s sister. This should alleviate any fears you might have about his appointments.

The Dreaded Red Button;

Many of the #NeverTrump and Cruz Crew have expressed great angst about the famous football and red button. Yes, there is a football and “I’m not quite sure about the red button”, but I do know it is not in the top drawer of the desk in the Oval Office. Actually, the football is a briefcase (and a rather ugly one at that) and yes, it does have a set of launch codes in it.

Here is the reality folks. The President has a Chief of Staff, a Secretary of State, A Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, several more key very close advisors all of which would be diving for the football if the President suddenly decided he wanted to launch rockets at China for no apparent reason. There would be at least a dozen very intelligent and knowledgeable people President Trump would have to go through to be able to even open that football up and see what’s in it. Don’t panic, remember this; Donald Trump did this for his children and grandchildren whom he loves more than life itself. He is not going to subject them to nuclear holocaust unless we are attacked first.

The Middle East;

Trump has not a clue about the Middle East. He is an idiot and is all over the board! He will turn Iran into a plate of glass! I have heard it all. No, Donald Trump is not a Middle East expert, I will concede that. Donald Trump is not an electrician either. But Donald Trump knows how to hire a top-grade electrician to wire his buildings and that is exactly what he will do with the Middle East. He is already bringing experts in to advise him for the campaign. Calm down, Trump, will bring in a half-dozen of the brightest foreign policy minds in the nation. He might not know if you can patch a red wire together with a blue wire, but in the end, he will have a person that does know.


I have zero doubt that some of what Trump has said on the campaign trail is rhetoric designed to inflame passions. That is probably a given. But, what he does know is that, yes; China has been abusing us and yes, he is going to even the playing field. He knows full well the risk of a trade war and I doubt very seriously he will go that far. Trump is a lot of things, stupid is not one them. He knows what he is doing, primarily because he knows most of the players already. He will get done what he said he would do.

Mexico and a Wall;

Remember; it was Trump who first brought the subject of illegal immigration up in the first place. Trump will get some sort of security apparatus in place along our Southern Border. I don’t know that it will be a 40 story tall shiny wall, but he will get something done to curb the flow of illegals simply walking into our nation. No, I also doubt Trump will put 15 million people on Greyhound buses either. He will do something that forces the illegals out of the shadows, get’s them registered, get’s them paying taxes and get’s his arms around this situation. Of this, I have zero doubt.

Military, Vets and the Refugee issue;

Donald Trump is fully aware of the situation with our military. He knows about the parts shortages, the flying hours problem, the manpower shortages, and the ship issue. This will be almost job one for him to begin rebuilding. The Vets, he is stone-cold serious about repairing our VA and getting it restructured where a Vet living in the middle of Nebraska can simply go his or her local doctor, be seen and present them with a card from the VA. When talking with him, he is livid about this issue and thinks what we have been doing is reprehensible. If you’re an undocumented refugee from Syria with no records, no identification, then I suggest you look elsewhere for a new home. I happen to agree 100% with this philosophy.

In the end patriots; Looking at his solutions to many of our critical issues, Trump is not perfect, but I have to tell you, most of what he stands for is pretty darned conservative. We are human and we all change our minds on issues as we age and grow wiser. It is the same for Trump, yes, once upon a time, he was pro-choice, today he is pro-life. Yes, once upon a time, he wanted to rid our streets of machine guns because he was watching the wars between the Bloods and Crips in New York City. But he is an advocate of the 2nd Amendment, he has stated it a thousand times and he won’t back off it. Don’t panic, he is not taking your guns.

Donald Trump might not have been your first choice, but he is the choice of the majority of the Republicans and even some Democrats. I am personally asking you to respect your fellow voter and Republican. Respect that they wanted to give him a chance and support the majorities decision. This is not the time to protest patriots, there is simply too much to lose.

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