Green Bay, Wisconsin is known for producing champions. There is something about this sleepy town north of Milwaukee that just seems to exude a willingness to win at all cost. Thus is the case with a fellow Tea Party devotee named James Murphy. 

The morning (or maybe it was a day later) after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had crafted this “so-called compromise monstrosity” bill titled, “Omnibus”, I wrote an article pleading for the Wisconsin Tea Party’s to ban together once again, only, this time, to rid America of Paul Ryan. Bragging for just a moment, the article was picked up by the Washington Times, Fox Nation and was reproduced, quoted or cited in many other articles reporting that I had called upon the Tea Party and Conservative groups to oust Paul Ryan from his 1st District House seat. And wouldn’t you know it; James Murphy (President of the Green Bay Tea Party) was already on the phone drumming up support to find a candidate to primary Ryan next year.  

When the “Freedom Caucus” (the 42 House members who stopped Kevin McCarthy) threw a wrench in the works to prevent the hand-picked heir to John Boehner’s seat, the Tea Party nationwide had finally reached a point where they had power and they knew it. When Paul Ryan’s name was run up the flagpole as a possibility to get Congress open for business again, nobody on the Tea Party side of the aisle was thrilled.  

After much blustering, promises made on grandmother’s grave, oath’s sworn in blood, we in the Tea Party nation capitulated to this choice as long as he represented conservative values and stayed on or near the Tea Party platform for governance. Not a few months later, this is what we get. An “Omnibus” bill that funds darn near everything this Marxist Muslim President wants! Yes, I know that I will be called a racist for the remark that Obama is a Marxist Muslim President. Two quick points here; I was told what he was by an Al Jazeera reporter who is Muslim from Cairo, Egypt! I did not just dream that label up. The second, his record speaks for itself. Both he and Hillary created ISIS according to the government records and part of the Omnibus bill guarantees funds for terrorist activities to continue. Therefore, you decide what he is.

image of james murphy

James is loved by most in Wisconsin, including Scott Walker

Back to James Murphy and the Green Bay Tea Party. James informed me that the Green Bay Tea Party was already hard at work identifying a possible candidate in our phone call last week. As of yesterday’s update call, they now have two very likely possibilities who are high-profile for the 1st District and who are both very qualified to take this seat away from Paul Ryan.


Apparently what is happening in Wisconsin is we have a rogue Tea Party Patriot leader who has decided that he likes Paul Ryan, even though Jenny Beth Martin has sent out press releases from Tea Party Patriots headquarters slamming what Paul Ryan did. IN this press release dated December 16, 2015, Ms. Martin is pretty darned clear in her disdain for this Ryan sponsored Omnibus bill. HERE is the text of her statement in full;

 “Tea Party Patriots opposes the latest spending bill to come out of Washington, which will add to our national debt without any plan to balance our budget. Rather than forcing President Obama to consider a real plan to balance our budget in five years and offer our children and grandchildren a debt-free future, the Washington establishment is once again proving they don’t understand the fundamental issues facing our nation. We simply can’t afford to keep adding to our debt, now approaching $19 trillion, and expect the next generation to pick up the tab for our fiscal irresponsibility. The stakes could not be higher heading into 2016 – we must elect leaders at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue who will stop worrying about the next election or their own power and take responsibility for solving our biggest problems and ensuring a debt-free future for all Americans.”


If this is the official position of The Tea Party Patriots, then why is Michael G. Hintze (Wisconsin Tea Party Patriot Leader) fighting the organizational process to galvanize and oust Paul Ryan. Hintze wrote on December 29, 2015, in his blog and entire essay in defense of Paul Ryan and the outstanding job he is doing and how he was “boxed” in and just had to get this $1.2 Trillion dollar bill pushed through.

In all reality, I think it time that Jenny Beth have a very serious prayer meeting with Mr. Hintze and he needs to go join the Libertarian Party or work for the Hillary Team in Wisconsin. He is certainly no loyal nor faithful Tea Party member and in no way should be in a leadership role. When you have leadership fighting with the constituency over whether to support someone who has so flagrantly turned their backs on the very principles (which put them in the position in the first place) in which they were elected, then it is time for a house cleaning.

Wisconsin and America; JAMES MURPHY and the Green Bay Tea Party have your back. They are currently working with two gentlemen to select one in who they are going to support. They need to know that America will be behind them and they have expenses. They have buses in which they are hiring to work the district with volunteers to defeat Paul Ryan in the primary. Murphy is bringing in other Wisconsin Tea Party’s to assist in this effort, but this is grassroots and they do need your help. If they can raise enough money, they plan on not just working the district, but running advertising against Ryan and much more. Green Bay is a 501(C4) so they can actually do quite a bit more than most groups.

I am personally requesting that everyone throw $20 or 25 up to Green Bay for this monumental effort of ousting our newest RINO in chief PAUL RYAN! Remember it was James and all his fellow patriots that stopped the Democrats and Unions from tossing out Scott Walker. The Tea Party’s in Wisconsin are famous for pulling off miracles and I have all the faith that they can do it again. Let’s all get behind them and support this effort. Many thanks and do have a blessed New Year and a safe one.


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