Almost daily I hear from one, two, dozens and sometimes many, many more patriots who seem to think that their candidate is going to eviscerate Hillary Clinton once their guy wins the nomination. Watch this Hillary campaign ad, then allow me to elaborate on a couple of points.

For several months now in Iowa, we have been bombarded with advertisements such as this one advocating for Hillary Clinton. In one fashion or another, all of these ads have similar themes. Hillary Clinton cares about you, cares about your family, cares about your financial future, cares about your health, cares about equality for all and justice for all. Hillary cares! 

In many of these ads, Hillary is talking with a single mom and in several of them, she is even seen holding the single mom’s child and expressing her love for the voter and how much she understands the plight this lady is facing. At the end of the ad, she, of course, is going to fight to her dying breath to help this lady and this child’s future.

Do you see where this is going, folks? The above advertisement is filled with youth and filled with immigrant youth who are very articulate. The young lady is even wearing her Yale ID tag around her neck and she only “wants to become a Doctor to help people”! How do we in good conscience throw someone like this out of our nation? Anyone who desires to do so cannot be anything short of a monster for doing so is the underlying message being sent. 

Lest you think these sorts of ads don’t work, you would be sadly mistaken. It is in our DNA to care about fellow human beings. This is the reason civilians will become instant hero’s while running into a burning building to save a little old lady or a child. This is the reason we fight so hard to save millions from oppression, we are hard-wired mentally and emotionally to “help” each other in this human experience called life. This is the reason these advertisements are so very effective. 

Unfortunately for “WE ON THE RIGHT”, between the liberal media, the very obvious masterfully crafted advertisements and millions upon millions of aging seniors and illegal aliens (who are being allowed to vote in many areas), we actually have an uphill battle to fight if we are going to win this election. 

In most polling, Hillary defeats all candidates. Yes, there have been a couple that shows if Donald Trump is the nominee, he enjoy a 4 or 5% lead and there are a few who have Senator Ted Cruz winning by a couple as well. However, the overall prevailing current wind is, Hillary wins by 10 points over the bulk of the GOP field.

In the above ad, did you notice Hillary’s enthusiasm? Did you notice that the ad had a melting pot of people? We had the Hispanic shouting support along with the balding white guy who is standing beside the Asian woman. Lot’s of flags and Hillary is wearing a Presidential blue pants suit. This is actually a very good political advertisement for a litany of reasons. Whoever from the Democrat Party or whoever on her team created this ad, we on the right should try and hire them away and do so immediately.

With the registration numbers of the Democrats and with the very obvious brilliant marketing team of the donkey’s, there is little disputing, we are going to have our hands full if we seek to win this election on the right. But our woes don’t stop there.

My feelings for Hillary are just as yours are. I have nothing in my heart for Hillary but disdain and on a personal note, I truly believe with every fiber of my being, Hillary belongs in prison along with her sidekick Barry. The sad truth is, that isn’t going to happen. That is not to say that it shouldn’t happen, it just won’t for a multitude of reasons.

The next hurdle we have to clear is the debates between the nominee and Clinton. Here is where the rub comes in. Every day that goes by, it is looking more and more like Donald Trump might very be the nominee. Trump on the campaign is quick to point out that he can drub Hillary in the general election and hopefully that is true, but these are but a few of the problems that I see cropping up.

The first is; Hillary is a very, very skilled debater. She has been an Attorney for over 40 years and has been trained in debate tactics. The second issue is; she is a she and that will come heavily into play here shortly. Lastly, Hillary has the automatic “hands off” because I have many cards I can play here and you don’t.

Addressing the first part, Hillary ripped Trey Gowdy’s Congressional Committee. Hillary has made a career out of strumming Senate hearings, courtrooms, and other debates. Donald Trump has not. The fact that Hillary is a girl also comes into play, because if Trump pounces to hard, he runs the risk of recruiting millions of sympathy votes for Hillary. You know what I mean here. One other issue is the very fact that Trump is self-funding his own campaign. Normally those vicious ads that work so well are run by Super-PAC’s and the candidate can plead ignorance that they had “no idea” the ads were so mean spirited. This will ultimately spell an issue for Trump. If he goes after her in television ads too hard, then, once again he is seen as picking on a woman.

We in politics know Hillary’s downside. We have been watching her for decades, but the even sadder truth is, most of America doesn’t follow the political gamesmanship that closely. They simply don’t care. Clinton would no doubt be a disaster for our nation, but when you’re spending millions to get the message out that Hillary is a caring mother for our nation’s younger women and children, how do you fight that without appearing to be a bully?

In the end, we on the right are going to have to figure out a way to attack Hillary’s record without appearing to be bullying and that may prove to be easier said than done.


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