President Barack Obama and his plunging popularity is; the “GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING” in this mid-term election cycle season.

States once thought to be solidly BLUE and Democrat stronghold’s have now had “Buyers Remorse” over their Democrat vote. The Blue and Purple colors are now beginning to show tints of RED highlights coming through in their color schemes.

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer.

NEW MEXICO! Yes the State with the phenomenal food, fabulous art, ski slopes, horse racing and incredible Native America culture is NOW IN PLAY! 

Forget Real Clear Politics on this one my fellow patriots. At least for the next couple of days. They are actually behind the 8 ball on this contest. RCP latest polling is actually about 3 weeks old.

My (one of many) little birds sent me a message last night and informed me that a good friend of his (who owns a polling firm) had just completed a very in-depth poll across the “Land of Enchantment” State and this is your latest count.

UDALL; 48%     WEH; 44%  with a plus or minus of a couple of points.

In the last 3 weeks RCP states on their site that this race has now become a race. They transferred New Mexico from “SOLID” Dem to “LIKELY” Dem and that might be further changed in the next day or two to “TOSS-UP”.

Several factors have apparently changed this race dramatically in the last couple of weeks. The first being that Colonel Allen West has stepped in and strongly endorsed Allen Weh. (more in a moment on Allen Weh) The second big factor is that Democrats just cannot keep their mouths shut. “GOD BLESS THEM”!

Democrat Tom Udall has made a few comments lately that have sliced his own throat. One being: he supports Barack Obama’s EPA and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) . The problem is that the EPA and BLM under Barack Obama has gone rogue (as we witnessed in Nevada) and the Ranchers (being a powerful force in New Mexico) do not apparently like nor appreciate Agenda 21 and globalism ideals in New Mexico. Another (not discussed topic, but large is this) point that I have no doubt is hurting Udall is this.

Image of Colonel Allen Weh

New Mexico Senate Candidate Colonel Allen Weh

Barack Obama has totally trashed our foreign policy and is (for all intents and purposes) allowing the terrorist to make America look very, very foolish and weak. SOME NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE EDUCATION HERE; Funny thing about Native Americans. They are quite people for the most part. They mind their own business and we don’t hear too much from them. But let me assure you of one or two items here. NATIVE AMERICANS ARE THE MOST PATRIOTIC, LOYAL, FLAG WAVING people in our nation aside from maybe the wives and children of returning war hero’s. Nobody loves this country more than Native Americans. When you traipse off globally and bash this nation, acquiesce and bow to terrorist, you have just screwed your warm welcome within the Native American culture in this nation. If Tom Udall loses this race, I have no doubt that it will be partially Barack Obama’s responsibility for some of his loss.

HOW I MISSED THIS GUY, I WILL NEVER KNOW! Colonel Allen Weh is not just a great American conservative, he is a war hero, a MARINE COLONEL (retired) and a brilliantly successful businessman. PLEASE, PLEASE VISIT HIS SITE, DONATE and assist this fellow in defeating the LAP PUPPY of Barack Obama!


Something about Democrats that always surprises me. Even in the face being embarrassed, insulted and ridiculed, they will remain true to the ideology of defeat everytime. You have to love that they are that stupid. Yes my patriot friends; Jeanne Shaheen D-NH is remaining loyal and faithful to her Lord and Master “I AM POTUS SIR BARRY O”. When asked in a debate the other day with the former Beef-Cake pinup model Scott “hunka-hunka” Brown if she would like Obama to come help her; she responded with “Oh I am sure he is too busy”, she forgot to add “playing golf, dining out with wife 3000 miles from home and vacationing”.

I am supposing that Shaheen just assumes that the very informed voters (keep in mind that New Hampshire is a pivotal state in the nomination process, these guys stay up to date on everything) of the Granite State are stupid. I have a news flash for her, they are not stupid and uninformed like those voters out West in some of the tree hugging and bird seed eating states. New Hampshire is very in-tune with all happenings political on a national scale. THIS RACE IS NOW TO CLOSE TO CALL! I am pretty sure that our friend and patriot “Palin Smith” is neck deep in this race.

PATRIOT’S; GET ON THE PHONES AND ASSIST THESE TWO CAMPAIGNS. Would it not be fun to see the expression on Obama’s face when he get’s the news that he has not just lost the Senate, but two of his beloved BLUE STATES have just fallen as well. It is more nails in his agenda coffin. It is more proof that the TEA PARTY LIVES, CONSERVATISM IS ONCE AGAIN ON THE MARCH AND LIBERALISM HAS FAILED! Git r dun PATRIOT’S!

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