Images of hanging bodies

Murdered drug cartel members by Hezbollah

Anyone that pays any attention to events in the Middle East knows that Hezbollah is a word that causes shivers down ones spine. Hezbollah is without question, one of the deadliest and most brutal terrorist organizations on planet earth. This terrorist organization has been directly responsible for some of the bloodiest attacks against America and her interest that has ever been carried out. Remember the Marine Barracks in Beirut? Remember the Embassy bombings in Lebanon? You can read an entire list (at the link above) of terrorist attacks against Israel and America that this organization has committed. The death toll numbers in the thousands!

AND YET! Even though Barack Obama has been begged by United States Senators, United States House of Representatives Members, Governors, State Senator’s and citizens to secure the borders, he still refuses to do so. Why? Obama has known for years about Hezbollah all but seizing control over the drug cartels in Northern Mexico. He has been briefed and made aware that Hezbollah terrorist (while speaking Spanish) were just walking across our borders into the United States totally unimpeded.

The CIA provided the President with briefings back in early 2009 regarding Hezbollah’s activities on our Mexican border. He has known all along about the fact that Hezbollah was murdering the drug cartel members, seizing the drugs and shipping them into America. Then Hezbollah sold the drugs, took the money and funneled it back to Lebanon to fund their terrorist operations. YES AMERICA; PRESIDENT BARACK H. OBAMA knew Hezbollah was selling drugs to your children, relatives and friends. He knew they were taking the money, shipping it back to Lebanon in order that they could fund more terrorist activities. As a matter of fact, the Obama Administration has even been in direct talks with Hezbollah (which is against the law) as recently as 2013. Is this not treason?

According to this article and all documents procured so far, the Fast and Furious Scandal has allowed some 2000 firearms to be placed directly into the hands of the drug cartels (Hezbollah) on our border. These arms (so far) can be traced to approximately 300 deaths of both Mexicans and Americans including our own Federal Agents. When you have America’s own Justice Department and Administration running guns to the border to be used by known Islamic Terrorist to murder our own citizens and sell drugs to our own citizens, is this not treason?


The Muslim Brotherhood sounds like one of those organizations you might actually be willing to give a donation to at Christmas time. They sound as though they are an organization that helps needy children, widows and the homeless. Nothing could be further from the truth. The original “Arab Spring” back in 2010 had a 30 year “FRIEND OF AMERICA” being ousted by the Muslim Brotherhood in which Barack Obama had quietly funneled some $1.5 billion of your money in the direction of. President Hosni Mubarak (a 30 year dedicated ally to America) was tossed aside with the aid and arms from Barack Obama in order that the Muslim Brotherhood could seize control of Egypt. Why?

Why did Barack Obama want the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypt? Keep in mind that they did not stop at just Egypt. The Brotherhood is now in control of Tunisia, Morocco, The Sudan, Algeria, Somalia and most of the Northern Africa. The Muslim Brotherhood not only is a major political force, they are the parent organization for Hezbollah (there is that one again), Hamas (these are the nice guys that lob rockets into Israel on a daily basis), Al Qaeda (we know that group don’t we) and now ISIS (who has seized most of Iraq). Caveat; Al Qaeda while giving birth to ISIS, has actually renounced them because they claim ISIS is too bloody and violent.

The President pushes to have known terrorist tried and given American citizen civil rights at American taxpayers expense. This to me is absolutely a slap in the face to our soldiers and American citizens. These animals are terrorist who kill Americans! We are spending millions and hundreds of millions of dollars a year to keep these barbarians locked up in Cuba. They are caught on the battlefields and brought back to an air-conditioned barracks. They are fed 3 square meals a day, allowed to pray and given prayer rugs. They are given soccer fields, baseball diamonds and cable television. What and the hell is going on here America?

On top of all that, he now wants to bring them to New York, spend a million dollars on trials and run the risk that they are turned out by a jury?  To prove a point, look at the O.J. Simpson trial! It can happen!

I am asking that all patriotic Americans contact your Congressman, Senator and anyone else you can think of. Write them, call them and send a message via carrier pigeon. WE must have this President Impeached! This has gone on long enough. It is time to rid America of this cancer known as Barack Obama and Eric Holder! If ever America has had a person commit treason against our nation, it is Barack Obama and Eric Holder. These two men have done more damage to this nation than just about anyone in our history. It is time they be put on trial and it is time they both are found guilty and go to prison! Do your job America, it is time to take our nation back!

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