As America listens to the saber-rattling and drums beat for war emanating from the White House, our citizens are becoming increasingly nervous. It is now apparent that this

Image of a twitter bomb for hashtag #NoSyriaWar

Twitter Bomb for Hashtag #NoSyriaWar

President (forget the reasons) has decided to not resolve this altercation in Syria peacefully. The website ( has decided to call upon all concerned Americans to hold a Twitter bomb on Tuesday September 10, 2013 at 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time. The President is scheduled to go on the air shortly after this in an attempt to sell his reasoning for war with Syria. Currently nearly every nation on earth including, Great Britain, Japan, Russia and China has condemned this course of action. Russia and China have even sent warships to the region in an attempt to discourage this President but to no avail. Due to the fact that 80% of the American citizens are rejecting this course of action, we at ( have decided to hold this Twitter bomb.

There are several twitter accounts that we ask you to focus tweets to during this twitter bomb which we would like to run between 8pm ET thru at least 10pm ET. The twitter accounts to focus on are; @SpeakerBoehner, @Whitehouse, @BarackObama. You may also want to publicly address your Congress members with the #NoSyriaWar hastag by using this detailed list of Congressional twitter accounts.

Here is an example of a recommended tweet (feel free to use this or one of your liking to show your opposition against military actions in #Syria):

@SpeakerBoehner @BarackObama @WhiteHouse The world and Americans don’t want this #war with #Syria. Stop all aggression now! #NoSyriaWar

Here is the latest tweet (at the time of this post being published) found on the @WhiteHouse with President @BarackObama pleading with Americans to support this war on #Syria.

Send tweets to @SpeakerBoehner to reinforce your stand against a military action on #Syria.

Watch live tweets for “#NoSyriaWar” hashtag (shown below) as this planned twitter bomb takes place.

Please pass this along to all your friends and family. If they do not have a Twitter account, help them set one up and teach them the basics.  It is our hope to send such a strong message to both the White House and Congress, that everyone stands down before this becomes WWIII. Enough blood has been shed, there are other ways to solve these issues without anymore loss of American life in the Middle East. You should have 5 characters left over if you have done the tweet properly.

Thank you for your assistance in this very worth cause and movement.

Lastly; Be advised that all Tweets to the President and White House are held in the Library of Congress. Please be respectful and do not tweet profanity for this particular twitter bomb. We know how you all feel as we are angry also, but this needs to be a professional action at this time.

Update 9-10-2013: Made twitter account correction for Speaker John Boehner

Editor’s Event Update: Event put on hold and likely canceled due to an apparent change in the stance the administration appears to be taking. Thank you to all who helped and worked so hard at helping us get the word out.

Editor’s Event Update (18:06): Due to the major game of a dangerous political chess match, this event is now back on because of the many uncertainties evolving around U.S. military action on Syria. Thank you for hanging tight with us as we all ride this roller-coaster.

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